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Croatian Food – Cusine

About Croatian Cusine:

Croatian cuisine is heterogeneous, and is therefore known as “the cuisine of regions”.

Its modern roots date back to Proto-Slavic and ancient periods and the differences in the selection of foodstuffs and forms of cooking are most notable between those on the mainland and those in coastal regions.

Mainland cuisine is more characterized by the earlier Proto-Slavic and the more recent contacts with the more famous gastronomic orders of today – Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish – while the coastal region bears the influences of the Greek, Roman and Illyrian, as well as of the later Mediterranean cuisine – Italian and French.

Croatia has some great red wines. Some of the best ones are Kastelet (especially 1996 and 1997), Plavac and Babic. All of these are from Dalmatia and are especially good with fish and meat dishes, best served at room temp.

One might also wish to try Istrian Merlot, but if you’re travelling to Croatia, you’ll be able to taste some great locally produced wines in konobas (traditional tapas bars), guest houses and bars which are generally not available in shops. For a sweeter, liqueur-like dessert wine try Prosek, very smooth, light wine drank after dinner or sometimes as an aperitif.

Some of the better known white wines are Posip, Kastelet and Pljesivica (often drunk in the north mixed with sparkling water, called gemisht) and Daruvarski Rizling, a white wine.

You might also wish to try some Croatia liqueurs, such as Maraschino (made from Maraska cherries in Zadar region), Kruskovac (from pears), Orahovac (walnut), Sljivovica (plum brandy) etc. which vary from region to region. (source: The Croatian National Tourist Office)

Croatian Food and Wine Articles and Photos:

  • Dalmatian cuisine

    The basic characteristics of Dalmatian cuisine are fresh ingredients, simple preparation with little intense spice and lots of mostly fresh herbs and wild plants. Dalmatia is, in fact, rich with Mediterranean herbs, such as sage, bay leaves, rosemary, basil, thyme … which give dishes from this region a special aroma …
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  • Croatian Olive Oil

    Croatian olive growers have preserved their grandparents’ olive groves as they strive to preserve the tradition of olive cultivation and respect for nature and organic production. Along with the superior flavour and taste , they aim to offer a guarantee of safety of the product. The processing of oil takes …
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  • Open air market in Zagreb

    Open air market in Zagreb Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May Like: The Fifth Zagreb Film Festival 21-27.10.07 The fifth Zagreb Film Festival will take place from 21st to 27th October 2007 at... The first direct flight from Stockholm to Zagreb Flying from Stockholm, the first SAS – …
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  • Cheese from Pag Island among the best in the world

    Žigljen cheese, produced on Pag Island  has  received an important international award – it is selected among the best cheese in the world, winning the ‘super gold medal’ at the World Cheese Awards 2011 (www.finefoodworld.co.uk/wca) The winning hard cheese, produces in Gligor’s dairy on Pag, is made entirely from locally sourced sheep …
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  • Solana Nin – the new Salt Museum

    A new salt museum was recently opened as addition to Nin salt evaporation pond . The museum offers a complete insight into the extraction of salt, which follows the same tradition as in Roman times. The sea water naturally falls through the pools of the ponds where it evaporates with the help of sun and …
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  • History in a Dish – Croatian Food

    If you go to Zagorje, try the local štrukli (a type of strudel). If you find yourself in Slavonia, try the kulen (a hot and spicy salami). If you lose your way in the heart of Istria, don’t miss the local venison stew with macaroni noodles. If you end up …
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  • Croatian wines the biggest discovery of this year’s competition

    Croatian wines have thrilled the judges with their quality and they were proclaimed the hit of this year’s competition that was organized by the well-known UK magazine Decanter during which they won eight gold, five silver and 11 bronze medals, and also three wine varieties received recommendations. All the wine …
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  • Authentic Cuisine from Vis Island

    In yesterday’s edition of Guardian.co.uk, the article about food and drink of Vis Island has been published. There is also a 9 minute video accompanying the article that features some local klapa music and comments of local people about Vis, its history farming, fishing, making wine and singing. The title …
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  • Grape and Wine Festival on Brac island

    At the beginning of October, in Supetar on the Island of Brac, the traditional autumn event, “Grape and Wine Festival”, is held. The festival is a week of local cuisine devoted to the “varenik”, a traditional preparation made from young wine, which makes traditional Dalmatian meals even better and tastier. …
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  • New Ilok accommodation with a view of vineyards

     As of spring this year, visitors who choose to visit the Croatian town of Ilok  and its surrounding area, enjoy the many vineyards and taste excellent wine, will be able to use five 4-star apartments and a presidential apartment in Principovac near Ilok. After completion of this phase, Ilo?ki podrumi …
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