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Free Travel Day at Croatian Trains with Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Group announced that it is offering an extra day of rail travel on all six, eight and ten day Eurail Select Passes purchased up until the end of March 2008. Customers will then have up to six months in which to start traveling.

This promotion is being offered to all customers worldwide, outside of Europe in order to encourage travelers to choose Eurail Pass and buy early.

The Eurail Select Pass is a popular rail pass as it allows customers to practically tailor-make their own pass by selecting three to five adjoining countries. With 23 countries participating in the scheme there are over 750 possibilities to choose from, giving travelers endless opportunities to explore Europe. Not only does the Select Pass cover the more commonly known European destinations such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain, it also reaches out to the increasingly popular Eastern European destinations such as Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Slovenia. Regardless of which part of Europe travelers want to explore, the Eurail Select Pass makes it all possible.

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Marketing Director Ana Dias e Seixas is enthusiastic about this promotion. “We want to encourage travelers to think early about where they want to go and how they want to get around Europe”.

Thousands of overseas travelers annually experience the ease of getting around Europe with Eurail. Rail travel is relaxing, yet invigorating, enabling passengers to enjoy the diverse landscapes, cultures and sights, which Europe offers, as well as meeting the locals. Europe’s rail system is modern and reliable, and cross-border rail connections are excellent.

“With this campaign,” adds Mrs. Dias e Seixas, “we hope to encourage more people to choose Eurail and to have them stay longer so they can discover more of this beautiful and diverse continent.” 

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  • Daan Els on October 8th, 2011 8:40 pm

    My wife and I have a three country Eurail pass (Italy, Austria and Croatia/Slovenia. We will be in Pula on the 22nd October 2011 and then have to travel to Venice. Could you please advise: could we use our Eurail pass, or is there another option we could follow?
    Your assistance will be highly regarded
    Daan Els

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