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Gay Croatia – Lesbian Croatia LGBT


Gay Croatia – Lesbian Croatia LGBT

Magazines and Articles about LGBT in Croatia:

  • Time.Com – Article on Zagreb PrideCroatia’s Coming Out – The first gay pride parade in Zagreb challenges the Balkan country’s dominant macho mindset
  • Online film of Zagreb Pride March 2002 – downloadable film from Zagreb Gay Pride
  • WOMEN’S INFOTEKA (ŽENSKA INFOTEKA) is women’s information and documentation center founded in Zagreb in December 1992 as the first of the sort in Croatia and Eastern Europe.
  • B.a.B.e. – Be active. Be emancipated – is a feminist strategic, advocacy and lobbying women’s organization, established on the 1st of April 1994 for affirmation and implementation of women’s human rights.
  • KUPUS.NET – wesite dedicated to lifestyle and culture. Imaginative visual display and quality texts.
  • EQVIWA – http://www.eqviwa.net/ – women e-zine by BABE ( english version too!)
  • Becoming Visible: Homosexuals in Croatia – Homosexuality has been a constant phenomenon ever since humanity has existed. Therefore, whether you prohibit or acknowledge it, it is ever present. – article by Dean Vuletic.

Croatia Gay News Archive:

11.10.05 – BBC – Croatia’s homosexuals go public – More than 1,000 Croatian gays and lesbians have had their names published in several of the country’s newspapers in a bid for greater tolerance. One thousand two hundred names appeared in the advert under a banner reading: “I don’t want to hide any more.” It also carried the message: “Little divides us and a lot unites us. Reconsider your prejudice.” Homosexuals face severe prejudice in Croatia, where the influence of the Catholic Church is very strong.

Softening of opinion: Many have been the subject of hate crimes and five years ago, when the country’s first gay pride march was held, there were anti-gay protests and violent incidents. Croatia’s first gay pride march was marred by violence The advert, which appeared in three newspapers and several magazines, was sponsored by the government and several rights groups. The people named on the list identified themselves as either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, queer or heterosexuals who support the campaign. A letter denoting their orientation appeared by their name. Although surnames did not appear on the list gay rights campaigners say it is still a significant gesture.

“Even though it’s just a symbolic coming out, without full names, this is a good reflection that gays in Croatia are gathering courage to fully expose themselves and that society is growing more tolerant,” Dorino Manzin, head of the country’s leading gay and lesbian group, Iskorak, said.

An estimated 88% of Croatia’s population of 4.4 million people are part of the Roman Catholic Church, which says that homosexuality is morally wrong. (Source BBC News : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4331958.stm )

Related Archive article:

BBC News 29 June, 2002 : Croatian gays join first ‘pride’ march : The marchers needed a strong police presence. Croatia’s first gay pride parade has taken place amid heavy security in the capital, Zagreb.

Reports say the marchers, numbering about 200, were subjected to jeering and heckling from some bystanders and that, despite the police presence, a tear gas cannister was thrown at them. The country’s Interior Minister, Sime Lucin, and several members of parliament and human rights officials joined the march.

Correspondents say prejudice against homosexuality is strong in Croatia, but in recent years a few gay and lesbian bars have opened across the country. The group which organised the march, Iskorak (Step Forward), is responsible for launching a campaign to give same-sex couples the same legal rights as married couples.

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