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Google Earth includes new photos of Zadar

Google, the world’s leading search engine, recently revamped its GoogleEarth Internet site significantly upgrading the possibility of virtual searches of cities around the world, including the town of Zadar and its environs – a part of the islands of Ugljan and Pašman and the narrow coastal stretch and hinterland between the island of Pag and the settlement of Sukošan.

Unlike the previous version of Google Earth, which used mostly older shots of Zadar, the new changes and additions to the service have incorporated the latest NASA satellite photos of the Zadar area on which all of the changes to the town that have taken place in the meantime are visible.

On the Zadar peninsula you can see the expansions with the newly outfitted cruiser dock and the many other changes like the new buildings on the Bulevar and Višnjik in Borik.

Along with technical improvements to the navigation system the latest version of the service has been upgraded with hundreds of new colour photos that allow surfers to make detailed bird’s eye view searches. The photos, namely, cover practically all of the more important historical and cultural monuments, squares and churches in the town, the sights, promenades, and a view of the town from the sea, air and mainland – in fact everything any visitor could enjoy.

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