Hostels in Croatia

Just few years ago, there were relatively few youth hostels in Croatia but in recent times this kind of accommodation offer is increasing, so nowadays, there is plenty of hostel accommodation all over Croatia - in larger towns such as Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Pula as well as along the Adriatic Coast in various smaller and larger places, most of them located in or near the centre of town.

Hostel accommodation in Croatia:

Hostels in Croatia are offering accommodation to travelers or backpackers and providing budget accommodation where one can rent a bed, or bunk bed, in a dormitory with shared bathrooms, common rooms and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms are mixed or single-sex, and some hostels offer private single, double or triple rooms too. Hostels in Croatia are generally cheaper than Croatian hotels (rates are considerably lower) and most of hostels offer opportunity to share books, brochures, info leaflets, videos, DVD's and any other useful traveler's items. Hostels are an excellent alternative for solo travellers as they offer informal environment with more opportunities to socialize in dormitory accommodation, have cozier common rooms (living rooms) and self-catering option gives you also opportunity to socialize in kitchen, while preparing meal, so it is easy to meet a traveling companion, if you wish.. Because this kind of accommodation is so popular, you should reserve your place well in advance.

Hostels in Croatia:

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Two kind of Hostels in Croatia:

There are two kinds of hostels in Croatia - Youth hostels operated by the Croatian Youth Hostel Association (HFHS) - hostels which are members of Hostelling International (HI) and Independent (Private) travellers' or backpackers' hostels in Croatia that are run as a business:

Youth Hostels in Croatia - HFHS (YHA) Hostels:

The official Hrvatski Ferijalni i Hostelski Savez (HFHS) is Croatian Youth Hostel Association that has hostels that are part of Hostelling International (HI). These hostels belong to non-profit organization encouraging outdoor activities and cultural exchange for the young. All are open year-round except those on Croatian islands. Prices start from 15 Euro for a dormitory bed including breakfast and a bit more for those hostels that offer singles and doubles. If you do not have a valid Hostelling International card you pay about 1.5 Euro for a welcome stamp. HI card is obtained when you collect six welcome stamps. Bellow is a list of the Croatian Youth Hostel Association hostels in Croatia:

Independent (Private) travellers' or backpackers' hostels in Croatia:

Independently operated hostels (private hostels) in Croatia are run by individuals (usually families) as independent private businesses. As the independent hostel industry is growing rapidly in many places around Croatia, so there are various Independent (Private) hostels that are not affiliated with Hostelling International or Youth Hostel Association.They all offer clean and safe accommodation, membership is not required.Some offer breakfast and bed linens, while other hostels offer half or full board. They, together with private rooms are nice addition to low-cost travel around Croatia.

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Top hostel destinations in Croatia: Dubrovnik , Hvar, Island of Brac, Island of Korcula, Plitvice Lakes, Pula , Split , Trogir , Zadar , Zagreb