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Hrvatsko Zagorje is north-west region of Croatia. Its northern border lies at River Sutla at the border with Slovenia, which is the western border while River Lonja the eastern. The southern border of the Zagorje touches the slopes of Medvednica and city of Zagreb. Hrvatsko Zagorje includes areas around Krapina and Varaždin as well as outskirts of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Hrvatsko Zagorje is rich in history and cultural heritage. It offers numerous medieval castles and fortifications, churches and archaeological sites that attract visitors.

Hrvatsko zagorje in translation means “Croatian upland” . It comprises the whole area north of Medvednica mountain up to Slovenia in the north and west, and up to the regions of Me?imurje and Podravina in the north and east. Hrvatsko Zagorje is administratively split into Krapina-Zagorje county and Varaždin county .

The capital of Hrvatsko Zagorje is Krapina. The city is often referred to as the cultural capital of the Kajkavian language (a dialect of the Croatian language). Every year, the Festival of Kajkavian Culture (Festival kajkavske popevke) takes place in Krapina. The Kajkavian dialect of the Croatian language is very similar to the Slovenian language.

Krapina is located in the hilly Hrvatsko Zagorje region of Croatia, approximately 55 km away from both Zagreb and Varaždin. The town is the centre and capital of the district with the hundreds year old tradition. Krapina as a town has been known since early 12th century. It has always been a favorite site for castles and other country houses of Croatian and Hungarian rulers. In late 19th century, on a hill called Hušnjak, in vicinity of Krapina, the archaeologist and paleontologist Dragutin Gorjanovi?-Kramberger found over eight hundred fossil (Krapinski Pracovjek) remains belonging to Neanderthals.

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      • By Bus: Autobusni kolodvor Krapina, Trg Ante Starcevica, 49000 Krapina, Tel.: +385 ( 049 ) 315 018
      • By Train: Željeznicki kolodvor Krapina, Frana Galovica 8, 49000 Krapina, Tel.: +385 ( 049 ) 371 012
      • By Plain: to Zagreb Airport or Ljubljana Airport

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Above photo: Hrvatsko Zagorje in 1920s

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