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Hydrofoil ‘Krila Zadra’ collides with lighthouse

Hydrofoil Ferry Krila ZadraAccording to Ministry of Sea, Tourism and Transport of Republic of Croatia, a hydrofoil ferry ‘Krila Zadra’, owned by Miatours Travel agent from Zadar this morning has collided with a lighthouse near the Mali ždrelac channel, on its regular route Zadar – Sali  (Dugi Otok) – Zaglav.

The accident happened due to bad weather and low visibility because of strong rain and winds. Luckily, thanks to the low tides, the hydrofoil did not sunk. None of the passengers, nor crew were injured in the accident. below Map: Zadar- Sali- Zaglav route, sailed by Hydrofoil ‘Krila Zadra’. Mali Zdrelac channel link


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