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Improved Safety on Croatian Beaches

The Croatian interior ministry continues this year its special activities aimed at improving safety for tourists at beaches along the the Adriatic coast.

This year Croatian police officers will again be joined by their colleagues from other European countries in maintaining safety.

After the excellent results of last year’s cooperation with their Hungarian colleagues, whose joint safety improvement project on Croatian beaches won top marks, cooperation has this year been established with police officers from six European countries: Hungary, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and the German Federal State of Bavaria.

The arrival of four police officers is expected from each of the countries, to be deployed in areas with the highest concentrations of tourists from their respective countries.

So it is expected that the Austrian police officers will make their way to Opatija, while the other European police officers will head out to areas across all of Dalmatia. Their roles will be above all that of interpreters, given that the Croatian legislative framework does not give then wide authorities, but that will be enough for tourists from their countries to feel safer.

Besides on beaches, the European colleagues will join their Croatian colleagues in daily tours of highways and the coastal area in the recently established mobile units.

The project is the only one of its kind in Europe made by joining efforts of the Ministry of the Interior of Croatia, the Croatian National Tourism Board and the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development of Croatia.

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