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In the vicinty of Zagreb, Sutla and Žumberak for visitors

samoborWine roads, a mouth-watering culinary offer typical of the continental region, green hills and a fascinating cultural, historical and sacral offer – these are all details of the typical rural tourism offer in Zagreb County and the Hrvatsko Zagorje region of Croatia and, given the proximity, of a part of neighbouring Slovenia.

It was as a result of the great similarity in customs, lifestyle and image in general that a joint tourism zone called along River Sutla and Žumberak was created that combines these areas and their tourism offer.

The area is predominantly rural, with villages scattered between green hills, plains and rivers dotted with numerous vineyards.

Each village has a special feature of its own but the tourism offer is quite similar overall through the region as it is predominantly linked to rural tourist guest houses, tours of the area and attractive content.

Heading out from Zagreb northbound, there are several various itineraries – one of these is the area of the town of Zaprešic – an area that stands out by its rich history. Zaprešic’s palace route, as one of the tourist attractions, brings six palaces together, and there are many sacral monuments, churches and chapels, natural beauties and an ornithological reserve.

If you head out towards Samobor, the tourist story is equally interesting considering that it is a town whose architecture and overall offer has for years now drawn the attention of many tourists.  Anyone entering deep into the Hrvatsko Zagorje region will discover what it means to enjoy attractive natural surroundings.

Add to this the many cultural, historical and sacral points of interest to this, along with contemporary attractions and accommodation facilities in typical rural settings.

Describing the complete offer is difficult as it is not an area that can be toured in a single day and it offers many various attractions. Regardless of your affinity there are numerous points of interest and attractive destinations here.

Kumrovec , the village in which former political leader Josip Broz Tito was born and which now houses a museum dedicated to his memory .

Klanjec – a place known for the many famous persons it nurtured. One of these is Antun Mihanovic, the man who wrote the Croatian national anthem.

This is also the area the great painter Oton Ivekovic was born, as was Antun Augustincic, a world-renowned sculptor whose artistic legacy is housed in a gallery dedicated to his work situated in the very heart of the settlement of Klanjec.

More info at Hrvatsko Zagorje Travel Guide , Zagreb County Tourist Board http://www.tzzz.hr/ and  Krapina-Zagorje County Tourist Board http://www.tz-zagorje.h/

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