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Island hopping in Croatia: Ferries are for wimps, let’s swim!

swimtrek1.jpgAn interesting article was published recently by CNN about unusual island hopping in Croatia. Under the title ” Island hopping off your own steam” , the CNN writer Julie Clothier writes about small UK company “SwimTrek” that runs swimming holidays in Sibenik Archipelago. This is an excerpt from the article:

Imagine a holiday where you come home with not only a tan, but also an enormous sense of achievement. Swimming between islands for 3-6 kilometers (1.8-3.7 miles) every day for a week might not sound like much of a holiday, but it’s a concept that lures hordes of keen swimmers to do just that on their time away from the office. Australian-born 36-year-old Simon Murie turned his love of swimming in open waters into a business in 2003. His company, SwimTrek, now takes people on swimming adventure holidays in 10 different destinations. The company’s motto is: “Ferries are for wimps, let’s swim!” (read the whole article here)


And this is what Swim Trek is saying about their swimming adventure in Sibenik archipelago:

Lying in the geographic centre of the Dalmatian coast, the 40 islands of the Šibenik archipelago are strung out like emeralds, set in the sapphire of the Adriatic. Combined with the 90 islands, reefs and islets of the Kornati National Park, the choice of crossings is endless.  Because of the areas natural beauty, numerous coves and crystal clear blue waters, the Kornati National Park was created in 1980. There are few signs of mass tourism here, in fact most of the islands that we swim to are uninhabited. We swim to the fishing island communities of the Šibenik archipelago. Each island has its own character and feel and the hospitality of the locals is second to none. Later in the week, we swim around the barren lunar landscape of the Kornati National Park. Infested with caves, grottoes dramatic cliffs and startling rock formations, the islands are quite simply outstanding…..More about SwimTrek holiday in Croatia

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