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Istrian specialties presented around the world

food in croatiaThe Italian gastro-guide Veronelli and the French Vienna-licensed guide Gault Millau present Croatian specialties and restaurants on their pages – to be specific, those from Istria and Kvarner.

The two gastro-guides present a total of 32 Istrian restaurants,  and five in Opatija.

The Italian gastro-guide Veronelli was printed in 40 thousand copies, and the French Gault Millau in 30 thousand copies, and they will both be ready for the upcoming tourist season.

Inclusion of the Istrian gastronomic offering in the pages of such important European gastronomic guides is a great, yet expected success. As it happens, great improvements in the quality and quantity of the gastro offer have been noticeable in the entire Istria over the past few years, and this mainly pertains to the traditional specialties, which have already made Istria distinctive. The gastronomic specialties are accompanied by Istrian wines and olive oils in the international distinctiveness. Istria Tourist Board www.istria.hr

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