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Jat introduces flights from Belgrade to Dubrovnik

In the meeting held on 13th of May this year in Dubrovnik between the representatives of Jat Airways and Airport Dubrovnik, Jat demonstrated its intention to maintain seasonal services to this city from Belgrade, starting from the mid June.

During the meeting, both parties expressed their wish to inaugurate the seasonal Belgrade-Dubrovnik-Belgrade line, which would operate twice a week, on Thursday afternoons and Monday mornings, as soon as all necessary conditions have been provided.

The meeting was held between Saša Vlaisavljevi?, Jat Airways Acting Director – General, Vladimir Ognjenovi?, Jat Airways Commercial Operations Director, Ton?i Peovi?, Airport Dubrovnik Director – General and Frano Leuti?, Airport Dubrovnik Deputy General Manager.

The representatives of both parties came to the conclusion that Jat and Airport Dubrovnik should enhance their regional cooperation and that two neighboring countries should foster good relationship leaving the past and the finding of the most acceptable solution for the citizens of both countries in the hands of legal representatives.

On the same day, Saša Vlaisavljevi? and Vladimir Ognjenovi? had the meeting with Jelka Tepši?, Dubrovnik Tourist Board Director, and  managers of all the best hotels in the Dubrovnik area. The Croatian partners expressed their readiness to welcome all tourists from Serbia.

After the inauguration of flights to Pula, which are in operation for the second year in sequence now, Dubrovnik would be the second destination of Jat services toward Croatia.

The last Dubrovnik-Belgrade flight was performed on 6th of August, 1991.

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