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Island of KaprijeKaprije, an island in the Šibenik archipelago is a pretty small island with area of just under ten square kilometers. The island has only one village – Kaprije where just over 160 people are permanent residents. The islanders are traditionally fishermen as well as olive oil producers and wine-growers.

The original island settlers came there in the 16th centuries to work on the olive and wine groves owned by Sibenik‘s landowners and noble families. The parish church of Saint Peter’s dates from the 16th century too. Legend says Kaprije is named after capers that are in abundance on the island.

Kaprije, known for its unspoiled coast and bays is and ideal day tip destination for people looking for swimming and sunbathing. As Kaprije has no roads so cars are not allowed on the island, it is a nice place to go for walking trip in spring or autumn.

Getting to Kaprije:

Getting to Kaprije is convenient – the island is connected via small Kaprije village and ferry port by regular passenger and car ferries to neighboring islands Zirje and Zlarin as well as with Sibenik on Croatian mainland > check Kaprije Island Ferries.

Accommodation on Kaprije:

Kaprije offers accommodation in private rooms and apartments that are rented by local residents. There are no hotels on the island.