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Kolocep is a small island in the Dubrovnik‘s Elafiti Islands Archipelago. It is located just seven miles from Dubrovnik’s harbour of Gruz. The island covers the area of only about three square kilometres and has a population of just under 200 people.

Summer views on the Island
Summer views on the Island

Locally called Kalamota, the island is very much connected with Dubrovnik in every aspect of life, so it serves almost as Dubrovnik’s suburb as the local ferry line regularly (few times a day) connects the island with the town.

It is a very green island with a lot of pine and olive groves. It has its beaches too, so, besides tourists, Dubrovnik inhabitants are using this island as one of their favourite swimming spots and day trip destinations.

Villages on the island

The main villages on the island are Donje Celo and Gornje Celo, each located on opposite sides of the island. Both places enjoy their lovely sandy beaches. Other larger bays on the island are Sapluni and Porat bays.

Views over the Kolocep bay
Views over the bay

Donje Celo bay can be reached by regular boat service “Jadrolinija” – boat “Premuda” connects Elafiti islands several times throughout the day. It takes about twenty minutes ferry cross from Dubrovnik or 10 minutes by water-taxi.

Things to see

Numerous bits of old architecture has been preserved on Kolocep – dotted around the island: ruins of old basilicas, summer houses, small towers etc. Among interesting work of arts is at Kapela Svetog Antona painting of Ivan Ugrinovic (well known Dubrovnik painter) form 15th century can be seen.

The parish church competed in the 15th century, houses several sculptures from that time too. The residential architecture has architectural features of the Dubrovnik’s country houses.


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