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map-kopacki.ritKopacki Rit is Croatian Nature Park located in East Croatia in area called Baranja – Croatian very eastern border with Serbia. Kopacki Rit is a nature park located very near the point where river Drava and river Danube joining together, carrying on further towards the Black Sea.Croatian and Slavonian Nature park located in Baranja – Croatian very eastern border with Serbia – a marshland with amazing wildlife.

The popular Kopacki rit Nature Park is an attractive tourist destination in Slavonia. This is a great flooded area along the right bank of Danube, in a large corner formed by Drava and Danube. Over 2,000 biological species live there, many of which are rare and endangered species at the global and European levels, such as 291 bird species and 44 fish species. In 1993, Kopacki rit was included in the list of internationally significant wetlands. Visitors can see the rit on specially built tourist boats with professional guides.We also recommend you visit the Tikveš castles located within the Nature Park in a beautiful centuries-old oak forest, a favorite meeting point for many statesmen and celebrities from some past times.Deer and boar hunting is organized in the forests of Kopacki rit and the entire area. Five to seven thousand deer live in Kopacki rit – this is where the best prize deer in Europe were shot. Slavonia has another Nature park – Papuk , a mountain with numerous natural pearls, centuries-old forests and mountain lakes and springs.

Kopacki Rit is worth visiting as it is a unique area of rich plant and animal life, and is considered as important and largest preserved wetland in Europe.

Kopacki Rit is home to rare birds, marshes and lush vegetation. The 42,000-acre park is covered in lush vegetation and is home to various bird species, including rare varieties such as the black stork as well as wild goose, wild duck, big white heron, white stork, black stork, white-tailed eagle, big crow, coot, seagull, tern, kingfisher, woodpecker, green woodpecker ….

A part of Kopacki Rit has been designated as a special zoological reserve.

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Kopacki rit can be visited by boat or by foot. The nearest airport is Osijek airport . There are organized guided tours around Kopacki Rit that can be booked in Osijek. There is special tour for bird watchers too.

Angling and hunting is allowed in some parts of Kopacki Rit, but the rest of the park is under strict protection and any kind of disturbance to nature is not allowed. Kopacki Rit area has it’s own gastronomical specialties such as fish stew, grilled carp, or venison – all of this is on the offer in local restaurants.

Kopacki Rit area got it’s special status in the 17th century by Austro-Hungarian Empire and the area keeps it’s unique reputation nowadays too. Its wetlands, flooded for at least three months a year, are one of the largest spawning ground for freshwater fish in the whole Danube River.

kopacki rit marshesKopacki Rit VideoFantastic 3 minute film about Kopacki Rit is available to watch on YouTube, as preview of “Wild Balkans” premieres on PBS “Wild Balkans” is part of the 28th season of the Peabody and Emmy award-winning series produced by Thirteen in association with wnet.org for PBS…

Cyclotourist Centre in Kopacki Rit – Kopacki Rit , one of the Croatian Nature Parks, situated in northeast Croatia in a corner formed by Drava and Danube rivers, has become the first visitor center for cyclotourists in Croatia.
Few years ago, the cooperation between Kopacki Rit and the Croatian office of the German Technical Cooperation Company initiated a project for development of the Danube cyclotourist route. The project consists of three phases, and its second phase has recently been completed.

Fire outbreak in Kopacki Rit : According to Croatian media, the fire that broke out in the Kopacki Rit – Croatia Nature Park, has been put under control. Since last Thursday afternoon, when the fire initially broke out, it spread to a large area of The Park as efforts to put fire under control were made difficult because that particular area of Kopacki Rit is still mined… read more

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Osijek – city in vicinity of Kopacki Rit / Slavonia – Region where Kopacki Rit is located