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kvarner-mapThe Kvarner Gulf is the area in Northern part of Croatian Adriatic, bordered by Croatian mainland and Istrian Peninsula.

Kvarner is one of the closest points of Adriatic Sea to Central and Western Europe, therefore, because of it’s vicinity and mild climate, Kvarner was very popular tourist destination for Western Europeans since the times of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 19th century. Kvarner Gulf includes some of Croatian islands as well as coastline cities and towns – check map of Kvarner

Kvarner Destinations

Opatija – a coastal town of Kvarner gulf, famous for it’s 12km long seaside promenade, Opatija is considered to be the Nice of the Adriatic. Opatija has the longest tourist tradition on the eastern coast of the Adriatic …

Cres – island in Kvarner with mild microclimatic conditions, untouched nature and the sea, with almost the entire coast being a beach..

Losinj – Popular tourist destination in Kvarner, island Losinj has long tradition in tourism that dates back to the 1880s. Island itself has two main centres – Veli and Mali Losinj, that use to be important centres of ..

Susak island – tiny island located south of the Istria in the Kvarner Bay. Susak is unique island among all other Croatian Islands as the limestone bedrock of the island is covered by thick layers of fine and fertile sand, which eroded from the Italian River Po..

Krk– another Kvarner island, easily accessible from the mainland by bridge that connects it with croatian mainland as well as by ferry. Krk has it’s own airport too, that serves surrounding islands and Rijeka.

Pag – Island in Gulf of Kvarner that is famous in Croatia for it’s Pag Cheese – cheese made of sheep milk as well as for day and night parties at it’s popular Zrce beach … read more

Rab – another Kvarner Gulf Island, with popular Rab Old town ( see below photos) as well as other idyllic places scattered over the island: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar.

Rijeka – Major Croatian port located in the heart of Kvarner. Rijeka is a crossroads of land and sea routes connected with the rest of the world by air, bus, train and ship lines. If you are in Rijeka, trying probably to get ferry to sail along croatian coast, take some time to discover this city ! You will be surprised how much is to see here… read more

Moscenice and Mostenicka Draga – Mošcenice is medieval fortified town , located on a steep cliff  beneath the Mountain Ucka, with its ancient walls and narrow stone streets.  The town has changed many owners throughout its tumultuous history, but has survived all challenges and has remained preserved until today…read more

Sandy Beaches of Kvarner – an introduction to beaches at Kvarner peninsula

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How to get to Kvarner

  • By airRijeka airport (located on Island Krk) is the only airport in the area that connects Zagreb as well as other European airports with Kvarner. Pula airport is useful alternative too.
  • By boat – In the summer , one can reach Kvarner by a catamaran that sails from Venice to Mali Losinj as well as to Zadar, Istria, Italy and Slovenia.Jadrolinija, national ferry line sails from/to Rijeka to Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik stopping on some of Dalmatian islands too. There is also, numerous local Jadrolinija ferry lines that connects Kvarner islands with it’s mainland. Check Jadrolinija page .
  • By bus – A frequent bus service runs from Zagreb to Rijeka, as well as buses that runs along Croatian coast all the way from Dubrovnik and beyond.
  • By train –  Rijeka has a train station, and is is connected with Zagreb by frequent daily train service.
  • Check map of Kvarner

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