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Lastovo to become Croatian Nature Park

LastovoThe Croatian Ministry of Culture has confirmed yesterday that it has officially started a legal procedure of establishing Lastovo and its archipelago as a new Nature Park of Croatia.

According to Croatian news agency Hina and some other sources, the future Lastovo Nature Park will be called Nature Park “Lastovsko Otocje” ( Lastovo Archipelago).

Lastovo Island and it’s archipelago are in need to be preserved because of it’s ecological, educational and cultural values.

The Lastovo Archipelago consist of 44 islands and islets and it is the furtherest group of islands from the Croatian Mainland. Together with sea, It coveres area of 195 square kilometers.

The Lastovo Nature Park will also include Island Susac ( Sušac ) with it’s surrounding sea-area of 500 meters radius.

Once established, the area of Lastovo Nature Park will be legaly protected for any kind of expoitation.

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