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Lopud and Susak Islands among “Ten secret islands in the Mediterranean”

Lopud In last Saturday’s issue of Times Online Travel Magazine, in the featured article ” Ten secret islands in the Mediterranean” , two of Croatian Islands are featured : Lopud Island and Susak Island. Both of these Croatian islands enjoy benefit of traffic free zone. We believe this is one of the main reasons why these two islands are chosen among all other 1000 + of  Croatian islands.

This is an extract from the article that covers Lopud and Susak:

LOPUD, Croatia – Croatia isn’t short of a barely visited island or two — yet, ironically, one of its most magical lies less than 10 miles Northwest of Dubrovnik.
With no cars, and hand-pulled carts constituting the local taxi service, Lopud — population 220 — may be less than an hour away from the mainland, but you’ll need to put your watch back a few hundred years. Unusually for Croatia, Lopud’s beaches are fabulously sandy, especially Sunj, which has a gently shelving white apron and aquamarine shallows ideal for young families. Lopud measures less than two miles across, so action away from the beach is limited to the odd inland church exploration and kayaking trips along the coast.”

SUSAK, Croatia – With travel links that should carry a migraine warning, and just a handful of rental apartments, Susak is so far off the tourist radar that even specialist Croatia tour operators don’t touch it. It would be hard to overstate what an oversight this is, as Susak — made up of sand, with a beach-fringed look you won’t otherwise find this side of the Maldives — is one of the most remarkable islands in the Mediterranean, even having a dialect that most Croatians would fail to understand. No cars, no roads, no nightclubs, just a seven-mile network of sandy tracks across the island, two villages, a couple of churches and four small restaurants to ease you from your sandy vigil.”

Author of the article is also listing useful links for both of the islands that includes: Villa Vilina (www.villa-vilina.hr) converted Franciscan monastery at Lopud / Susak Intro and Accommodation : www.susak18.com Other Mediterranean Islands listed includes Island of TILOS in Greece, Island of PONZA in Italy, SOVALYE Island in Turkey and COMINO in Malta.

To read complete Times Online article visit following link

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