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Maistra hotels awarded by European tour operators

Maistra, an Istrian hotel and tourism company, has added to its rich collection of recognitions a further three prestigious awards given by leading European tour operators Thomson Holidays and Neckerman.

The greatest confirmation of the hotel’s quality is certainly satisfied guests, and besides their praise the recognition coming from business partners also holds an important place. Maistra was again last year prominent among many competitors and confirmed its quality and recognizable profile by winning these awards.

British tour operator Thomson Holidays, a part of one of the leading tourism companies in the world, the TUI Group, has again this year awarded the Maistra’s facilities in Rovinj Gold Medal Awards based on customer satisfaction, in two categories.

The award in the 4T Best Thomson Summer Accommodation category went to the Hotel Eden for the 9th time running, while the Hotel Park won the award in the 3T Best Thomson Summer Accommodation for the 4th time in a row.

Maistra’s Belvedere tourist resort is the only facility in Croatia to win the Neckermann Primo Award 2007, which also puts it among the Top 100 best and most popular facilities in the opinion of guests. This award is particularly significant as it shows the success of last year’s 13 million euro investment into the reconstruction of the resort.

All three awards are granted on the basis of surveys carried out among guests that stayed at Maistra hotels by way of these tour operators. The evaluation itself covered several key factors such as location, quality of service, cleanliness, room comfort, food quality, activities on offer, the price to quality ratio, the guests overall vacation satisfaction and other similar criteria.

More info Maistra: www.maistra.com , Istria Tourist Board : www.istra.hr

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