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Mario Saletto exhibition opens in Zagreb

An exhibition dedicated to travel writer and the author of numerous TV documentary films, Mario Saletto, opened at the Technical Museum in Zagreb on Friday.

The exhibition is titled ‘The World Revealed – TV Studio in a Backpack’ and documents Saletto’s body of work filmed with a 16mm Bolex camera, from mountain landscapes to the animal kingdom, sailing and skiing, and many others. Mario Saletto died in 2006.

The exhibition will be opened until end of January 2009 in Tehni?ki muzej, Savska 18, Zagreb, telefon: 01/ 4844 050 www.tehnicki-muzej.hr

Mario Saletto was journalist and cameraman who worked at the HRT/Croatian Television. He belonged to  first TV generation of the Academy for Theatre, Film and Television in Zagreb which has implemented its knowledge and experience into the Zagreb Television ever since it was established in 1956.

Saletto was a distinguished TV author with a specific approach to his work and a special relation to the TV medium. Within the scope of his genre – the adventure documentaries, he works with the energy of a high-quality journalist and discoverer. As an experienced mountaineer, ski instructor, diver and sailor, he always finds the right motive and the right moment to record that particular detail which relates his story on the basis of one impressive picture. He was both a visual and a textual author, director and editor. He managed to reduce his team, that accompanied him in his travels around the globe, to two or three people who are, according to his own words, the centre of a small mobile TV studio that could fit into a backpack.

His projects included:

1968 – 1970 – he was a co-author of a TV documentary on the national parks in ex-Yugoslavia
1970 – he published “The Beauty of Camping” (2nd edition, 1985)
1972 – 1976 – TV series “Secrets of the Adriatic Sea” (first Croatian documentary on life under the sea)
1981 – 1995 – TV series “Through the Endless World”, 56 thirty-minutes travel documentaries
1989 – book “Through the Endless World” (“Stvarnost” edition), a collection of Saletto’s reports from his travels
1989 – 1995 – TV series “Cruising the Globe”, 45 thirty-minutes travel documentaries
1997 – 2001 – TV series “Croatian Adventure”, 24 thirty minutes documentaries
2000 – TV series “5000 km through Mexico”
2001 – TV series “The US National Parks”, 9 thirty minutes travel documentaries currently on air Thursdays on HTV 1st Channel
1997 – 2001 TV series “Croatian Adventure”, 24 thirty minutes travel documentaries – last 5 episodes currently on air Fridays on HTV 1st Channel
2002. TV series “DESTINIES” – documentaries about unusual life stories of Croats in South America

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