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Martin Bell is to lead a tour of Bosnia and Croatia

Martin Bell is to lead a tour of Bosnia and Croatia for Greenbee Specialist Travel www.greenbee.com), a service offered by John Lewis.

The eight-night tour, costing from £1,995 per person, departs on September 28 and covers the Dalmatian coast of Croatia as well as Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia.

During the tour, he will give talks on the history of Bosnia and on his time reporting from Sarajevo, where accommodation will be in the Holiday Inn, which was a base during the war for many journalists.
In yesterday’s travel supplement of Telegraph.co.uk, under the title ” Welcome to Sarajevo”, BBC foreign correspondent Martin Bell made an emotionally charged return to Sarajevo for Telegraph travel.

Here is an excerpt from Welcome to Sarajevo – Martin Bell’s Introduction to Bosnia :

” There are few undiscovered cities in Europe. Sarajevo is one of them. For all sorts of reasons, mainly war-related, travellers have been reluctant to go there unless, like soldiers and reporters, they had a professional reason to do so. Now the dangers are in the past and Bosnia is as safe for visitors as any country in Europe – safer than most, in my view. And for old hands like myself, the most remarkable innovation is the freedom of movement granted by the blessed absence of roadblocks.” – link to the whole article

Watch a video clip of Martin Bell personal report from Sarajevo – the city where he spent three-and-a-half years with a people under siege.

British Airways (0870 850 9850, www.ba.com) flies from Gatwick to Sarajevo on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; return fare from £158.10. BA flies from Gatwick to Dubrovnik daily; return fare from £168.10

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