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Medieval monastery garden opened in Sibenik, Croatia

sibenik sveti lovro monastery gardenSibenik , recently saw the first tourist visit to the attractive medieval gardens of the Sveti Lovro monastery, in the area of the monastery closed to the public. This has revived an important part of Sibenik’s history and given it a new dimension in both education and tourism.

The gardens were recently completely revamped, with the pupils of Sibenik’s First Private Secondary School taking part in its renewal. The renovation project, following the well known scheme of medieval monastery gardens, is the work of well-known Croatian landscape architect Dragutin Kiš.

The Sveti Lovro monastery gardens cover an area of 600 square metres with a cruciform path having a well at its hub, a field hedged with boxwood, and cypress trees at the edges of the fields, old rose varieties, citrus fruits and figs on the edges with spices and medicinal herbs in the fields and capers on the surrounding rocks.

With the Mediterranean monastery gardens Šibenik is richer for a rare tourism and cultural point of interest, all the more as this is the town in which Robert Visiani, one of the best known 19th century botanists in Europe was born, himself a renovator of one of the best known botanical gardens in Europe.


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