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map-medvednicaMedvednica – Sljeme or Zagrebacka Gora is a mountain close to the Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It’s highest peak is Sljeme – 1,032 m.

The mountain stretches for 42 km and covers area of 240 sq km. Medvednica was always popular among tourist and travellers as well as walkers and hikers from surrounding areas.

The first hiking object in Croatia was built on the mountain in late 19th century.

Within the Nature Park there are several special forest vegetation reserves, which are protected on a higher level

Medvednica is very good for walking and hiking day trips from Zagreb and it’s surroundings as well as for skiing trips, as there are good skiing paths around the mountain together with ski – lifts, cafe’s and lodging facilities.

A cable-car operates throughout the year, connecting the foot of Medvednica in Zagreb with its peak.On Medvednica there are several accommodations facilities among them hotel Tomislavov Dom and some mountain lodges.

Medvedgrad – the restored mediaeval fortification is located on Medvednica too, as well as ruins of Susedgrad and Zelingrad – medieval fortification too.


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