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Molat is an island in north Dalmatia, covered with maquis and pine forests and is the ideal destination for hermits and those seeking hiking treks among a Mediterranean vegetation. The many bays are a frequent destination for sailors. The island is situated in the northern part of Zadar Archipelago.

The island is located southeast of the Ist island , separated from it by the Zapuntel strait. The whole island covers area of just 23 sq km with population of about 250.

The relief is characterized by two limestone ridges (the highest peak Knizak, 142 m), separated from each other by the Zapuntel-Brgulje valley (Zapuntel Field). The Bay of Brgulje is its south-eastern submerged part. A smaller transversal valley (Molat Field) stretches in the south-eastern part of the island. See a large bird view photo of Molat

An interesting historic detail is that King Edward VIII, in the company of Wallis Simpson, visited the island on his Adriatic cruises in 1939. Historically, in 1151 the island became the property of the Zadar-based Benedictine monastery of St. Krsevan. From 15th century the island was under the power of Venice, which leased it to several wealthy Zadar families.

Molat Hotels

  • Vila Orada
    Situated on Molat Island, in Brgulje, Villa Orada is set 20 metres from the beach. It features an outdoor pool and modern apartments with air conditioning and a balcony or terrace. Prices from €120.00 – Number of rooms: 3 – Check Vila Orada, Molat availability

The Island is absolutely green and covered by young trees and shrubs. North-eastern coast is low and has numerous coves (the largest cove is Jazi). The south-western coast is largely steep, overlooking the sea. Chief occupations are farming, livestock breeding (sheep), fishing and tourism. The villages of Molat, Zapuntel and Brgulje are situated in the interior of the island – the coastal hamlets developed around their small harbours. Molat is a peacefull and silent, with secret beaches and numerous hidden bays for swimming and couple of restaurants and shops. Beaches are pebbled, rocky or sandy.

landscape on molat island

 Getting to Molat Island

To get there, check ferries to Molat Island page for latest ferry schedules/ timetables to Molat from neighboring islands and Zadar.

One ferry line daily connects Molat with Zadar which makes the island exclusive for real vacation.

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