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More flights to Dubrovnik in 2009

According to the information of the Dubrovnik Airport, Dubrovnik begins the tourist year 2009 with more intensive air connections with the world.

Dubrovnik has excellent air connections with the European destinations in spring and summer 2009. The results achieved by the new carriers will also enable good connection of Dubrovnik Airport with the rest of the world throughout the year:

Easy Jet will fly this spring to Dubrovnik from London four times a week, from Berlin three times a week, from Liverpool three times a week and from Geneva two times a week.

Jet 2 airline will bring the passengers from Leeds and Belfast to Dubrovnik.

Norwegian Air will connect Dubrovnik with the Scandinavian countries flying from Oslo, Trodheim, Bergen, Stavanger and Stockholm.

Clickair and Iberia will connect Dubrovnik with Madrid and Barcelona: Click air will operate to Dubrovnik on a daily basis and Iberia two times a week.

German destinations including Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Köln/Bonn, Stuttgart, Hanover and Munich the carriers Germanwings, Hapagloyd, Croatia Airlines and Easyjet will fly to Dubrovnik three to four times a week.

Centralwings, Danube Wings, Sky Europe and Norwegian Air Shuttle will fly from Bratislava, Warsaw and Poznan two times a week.

Austrian Airlines, Sky Europe and Croatia Airlines will have direct flights from Vienna to Dubrovnik on a daily basis.

Jetairfly will fly from Brussels to Dubrovnik two times a week and Skyeurope will have two flights a week from Prague.

Estonian Air will fly from Tallinn to Dubrovnik on Saturdays, and Blue 1 from Helsinki on Mondays and Thursdays.

Croatia Airlines will introduce in April a direct flight from Paris.

Aerlingus will connect Dubrovnik with Dublin three times a week.

British Airways flies from London several times a week throughout the year, and on a daily basis during the tourist season.

Croatia Airlines also connects Dubrovnik with London four times a week during the tourist season, with Frankfurt three times a week throughout the year, as well as with Rome two times a week. Once a week Dubrovnik will have direct flights from Kiev/Ukraine, Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Geneva, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Southampton, Birmingham, etc.

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