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Mošcenice and Moscenicka Draga

Mošcenice is medieval fortified town, located on a steep cliff beneath the Mountain Ucka, with its ancient walls and narrow stone streets.  The town has changed many owners throughout its tumultuous history, but has survived all challenges and has remained preserved until today. Mošcenice can only be entered through one gate, over which the Habsburg coat of arms is engraved. The houses are so compressed that the town does not have one square. The most dominating monument is the Church of St Andrew the Apostle.

Above Mošcenice is the hill Preun, named after the supreme ancient Slavic god of thunder, while the Mošcenice gardens and meadows outside of the city walls are decorated with the Croatian national flower iris. The town offers an amazing view over Krk and Cres Islands and the entire Kvarner. At night,  the city lights of Rijeka can be seen in the distance.

The town of Mošcenice has its successor twin town on the coast – Mošcenicka Draga. They are connected in two ways: by a stream flowing down the Draga river canyon all the way to the town beach where it enters the sea and by stairs that connect the two towns.

Mošcenicka Draga, just as the nearby Opatija and Lovran, is a tourist destination. It features promenades along the sea and elegant villas. Pebble and shells from the beach are the most favourite decorative items of local homes, which is not surprising seeing as they are literally built on the beach. Tourism and hospitality services are the main business activities, and Mošcenicka Draga features one of the most beautiful beaches on Kvarner.

Accommodation in Mošeni?ka Draga can be found in the four and three-star Hotel Marina and  Hotel Mediteran. Hotel Marina is located almost in the centre of the town, around 50 metres from the sea and pebble beach. It features 178 rooms and is completely air-conditioned. It also offers a wellness centre. Hotel Mediteran is located in the very centre of Mošcenicka Draga, right next to the small harbour, offering an amazing view of the beautiful beach and the island of Cres. Of a slightly more intimate atmosphere, this hotel features 69 rooms.

Campsite Draga offers the possibility of accommodation in tents and caravans. It can accommodate up to 400 people and is open between March 15th and October 15th. Slightly detached from the town centre, it offers visitors the possibility of enjoyment, tranquillity and relaxation.

Visitors of Moscenicka Draga can also enjoy a scuba diving and other water sports, while numerous restaurants and traditional taverns offer culinary and wine pleasures. Mošcenicka Draga Tourist Board: www.tz-moscenicka.hr

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