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Moslavina branding project

The Moslavina region is a new tourism brand in Croatia. The branding of Moslavina is a part of the 1.6 million kuna project titled “Activating local potentials and resources of Southern Moslavina and the Lonjsko polje Nature Park. The branding project was launched by the city of Kutina and the municipalities of Lipovljani, Popovaca and Velika Ladina with the European Union providing assistance with 80% grants.

Four areas have been selected as part of the region’s brand:

  • Wine – the indigenous type known as “škrlet”,
  • Carp barbequed on a forked branch,
  • Cycling with over 250 km of trails,
  • Walks in pristine nature and cultural heritage (late baroque period churches and Roman-period excavations.)

The project started with quality research – focus groups in which there were pensioners, families with children, youth and tourist professionals from three counties in the region. Most of those surveyed opted for the development of rural, active and cultural tourism. The habits and needs of tourists were subsequently researched.

Among the most attractive destinations in Moslavina, in their opinion were Lonjsko polje, the Moslavacka Gora highlands,  the churches of Moslavina and the Roman-period excavations.

More info about Central Croatia + Lonjsko Polje + Kutina Tourist Board turizam-kutina.hr

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