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Našice – Pejacevic Castle

Našice - Peja?evi? Castle

The most impressive buildings in the centre of Našice, Slavonia are two castles of the count Pejacevic family, situated in spacious English gardens. They are beautiful examples of the country-style architecture in eastern Croatia built in the manner of historicism and classicism.

The main, great castle of the Pejacevic family was built in 1812 and completely renovated after the earthquake in 1817. It was expanded during the count Ladislav Pejacevic’s life and took on its present appearance for the most part in 1850.

In 1865 the castle was expanded considerably and rounded towers were added at the edges of the castle. (The castle is a home of the County Museum and art gallery today).

Pejacevic’s hunting house , also known as the small castle is situated in the centre of the gardens (it is today used as a school). It was built in the style of classicism in 1905 and was moved into two years later.

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