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National Parks in Croatia


Croatia has eight national parks: Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Risnjak and North Velebit. Their total area is 994 km²; 759 km² mainland and 235 km² is water.

The most popular Croatian National Parks are Plitvice Lakes, followed by Krka, Brijuni and Paklenica. The Croatian law on the preservation of nature defines national parks as one of the eight types of protected areas of nature. Another notable category is a nature park, of which there are ten. Each of the national parks is maintained by a separate institution, overseen and funded by the government ministry of nature conservation and spatial development.


List of National Parks:

  • Risnjak (Croatian National Park since September 15, 1953)
  • Brijuni (Croatian National Park since October 27, 1983)
  • Plitvice Lakes (Croatian National Park since April 8, 1949)
  • Sjeverni Velebit (Croatian National Park since June 2, 1999)
  • Paklenica (Croatian National Park since October 19, 1949)
  • Krka (Croatian National Park since January 24, 1985)
  • Kornati (Croatian National Park since July 24, 1980)
  • Mljet (Croatian National Park since November 12, 1960)

Brijuni National Park

brijuniNational Park Brijuni – Brijuni consists of 14 islands and islets having a total surface area of 36.3 km². Thanks to its indented coastline, diverse flora and fauna, Brijuni is sometimes referred to as Heaven on Earth. Park (location, climate, flora and fauna, sea world), cultural and historical heritage (since the Stone Age until now), offers and price list (accommodation, excursions, sports)…read more about Brijuni

Kornati National Park

National Park Kornati – has a total surface area of 220 km², comprising 89 islands, islets and reefs. Land accounts for only around 1/4 of the park’s area – the rest is a marine ecosystem – the area map, the description of islands, islets and reefs, photo documentaries, a code of conduct, news for eco-tourist, …read more about the Kornati

Krka National Park

National Park Krka – named after Krka River that runs within the park. The national park is located in Central Dalmatia, only a few kilometres northeast of the Šibenik. Pages where you can find everything about National park Krka, in a very interesting and picturesque way – read more about Krka

Mljet National Park


National Park Mljet – National Park Mljet in the far south of Croatia is often referred to as the most beautiful Adriatic island because it has some truly rare sites – a lake in the middle of the island and an island in the lake with a castle on the island, a Benedictine monastery from the 12th century. This almost surreal image seems to have been extracted from the most beautiful stories. According to one of them, Mljet was part of Odysseus’ route and nymph Calypso kept him in captivity there. All on national park, a map, rules and price list, flora and fauna, cultural heritage, picture gallery… Info on a day trip to National Park Mljet + see Mljet Travel Guide .. read more about Mljet

Paklenica National Park

National Park Paklenica – Paklenica is an area of unusual contact between the sea and the mountain, rich in natural forests of beech, black pine and mountain pine…All about the national park – tickets, service, price list, vegetable and animal world, alpinism, free climbing, photo gallery…read more about Paklenica

Plitvicka Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) National Park

plitviceNational Park Plitvice Lakes – a woody mountainous region with a string of 16 smaller and larger lakes of a crystal blue and green colour. They are supplied by water from numerous small rivers and streams and are interconnected with foamy cascades and forest falls. The complete naturalist guide, accommodation, reservation and prices, map of Plitvice, picture gallery, video sequences… Find out more about Plitvice Lakes on Protected Areas Programme + info page about Plitvice Lakes + Guide to Plitvice Lakes

Risnjak National Park

National Park Risnjak – Risnjak (1528 m) is the second highest mountain in Gorski Kotar. In 1953, it became the national park of the Republic of Croatia. Reasons for that are different, but can be summed up to the following: On the relatively small area, there is a great variety of the first class geographical, geological, and other natural phenomena, easily accessible for visitors. The natural beauties are almost untouched by man. National Park Risnjak is situated in the Mount Risnjak massif and its 1528 meter peak being the basis of the park. To enjoy the beauties of Risnjak, you need to have a special sense for the thrills of natural phenomena. History and natural heritage, Park visits, accommodation, activities and price list, events photo-gallery…read more about Risnjak

Sjeverni Velebit (North Velebit) National Park

National Park North Velebit – a diversity of karstic phenomena, flora and fauna, which is just a part of this natural whole.Info about the park, plant and animal life, protected objects, possibilities of mountain climbing and speleology…read more about Sjeverni Velebit

More National Parks related info:

Camping in Croatian National Parks

  • Visovac

    The island of Visovac (pronounced Vee-so-vatz) is located upstream from Skradinski Buk, in the very middle of Visovac Lake in the very heart of Krka National Park. The island features a 15th-century Franciscan monastery and Church wherein the perfect tranquillity one can look at the valuable library of books and manuscripts enjoying the perfect peace and …
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  • Risnjak National Park

    Risnjak National Park is based in Crni Lug near Delnice has 6,400 hectares of forest areas. With over thirty specific plant communities, a 4.2-kilometres long trail, a mountain lodge, a restaurant and accommodation capacities, it represents a special attraction and value of Kvarner and Gorski Kotar – a wide, heavily …
    Read more » Risnjak National Park
  • Getting to Plitvice Lakes

    Plitvice Lakes National Park is located very close to the Croatian border with Bosnia (see map below) and just a couple of hours’ drive from either Zagreb or Adriatic coast. The nearest larger town to Plitvice on the coast is Zadar. From both Zagreb and Zadar you can either take a …
    Read more » Getting to Plitvice Lakes
  • Brijuni

    The Brijuni Archipelago is an attractive group of islands near Istria Peninsula, with the main islands Veli Brijun that is Croatia National Park and open to visitors. The fact that it was visited by the elite of Austrian, Hungarian and German aristocracy when Istria was part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy speaks …
    Read more » Brijuni
  • Žumberak – Samoborsko Gorje

    Žumberak is a hilly region in Hrvatsko Zagorje, in vicinity of Croatian capital Zagreb that cover area of about 300 square kilometers, rich in beech and chestnut forests as well as various caves and abysses and underground streams. Zumberak is very rural area where main activities are linked to farming. Zumberak’s …
    Read more » Žumberak – Samoborsko Gorje
  • Papuk

    PAPUK is a mountain in Slavonia, the north eastern region of Croatia. Mountain Papuk is located ( see map on the left ) on the very edge of Pozeska Dolina (Pozega Valley), the flat and fertile valley and is the only mountain in the area. The highest peak is Papuk …
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  • Telascica

    Telašcica, a large bay located on the south side of Dugi Otok – Island in Croatian’s Adriatic Sea. This is a natural extension of Kornati islands – it is a very long bay – about 10km, and it’s width stretches from very narrow one ( about 160 m ) to almost …
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  • Vransko Jezero – Vransko Lake

    VRANSKO JEZERO (VRANSKO LAKE), is the largest lake in Croatia, located in area called Ravni Kotari, northeast of Pakostane, near Zadar and Sibenik. Vransko Jezero covers area of about 30 square kilometers of marshes and waters and is rich in fish and birds life, therefore Vransko Jezero is designated a …
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  • Plitvice Lakse Marathon 2013

    Plitvice Lakes Marathon

    Plitvice Marathon (Plitvicki maraton) 2013 races, which attract hundreds of runners each year, will take place on Sunday 2 June 2013. This will be the 28th year of Plitvi?ki maraton, annually held in Plitvice Lakes National Park, organised by the National Park’s authorities. The event, which includes three races: 42.2km course, …
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  • Visitors Statistics for Croatian National Parks

    According to figures recently released by Croatian Ministry of Tourism and the National Bureau of Statistics, 2.26 million people visited Croatian national parks in 2011. Out of the total number, the 1.94 million were foreign travellers while the rest of the visitors were Croatian nationals. In comparison with 2010 figures, …
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