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Naturist camping in Croatia

camping22Naturist camping in Croatia has a long tradition. It is believed that it started on the island of Rab during the 1930s. Thes story goes that Dr Richard Ehrmann from Vienna, the first president of the International Naturist Federation, proclaimed Rajsku beach a naturist beach back then.

Subsequently, in August 1936, the first to swim naked on the same island were Britain’s King Edward VIII and his beloved, the American Wallis Simpson.

In the following decades, naturist campsites have sprung up all along the Croatian coast.

Thus Croatia became the first European country to open its doors to lovers of naturism – those who see themselves as lovers of a life spent in harmony with nature, extolling health and recreation in a way so as to return to nature and recapture our natural equality. Today it is regarded by naturists as an ideal way of life, and a lifestyle.

Croatia has the third-largest number of naturist campsites in Europe, with about 30,000 places, the larger number of which are in Istria and the Kvarner region. including the very first naturist campsite in Europe – Konversada, in Istria.

A common characteristic of Croatian naturist campsites is the high level of security, accommodation, beauty and peace.

In accordance with the values of naturism, which are based on promoting a healthy lifestyle, nudist campsites are rich in sports and recreational facilities.

Generally speaking, many believe that the campsites of the highest quality are those intended for naturists. It is self-evident that naturists will find all their needs fulfilled here.

There are three types of campsite offering accommodation for naturists:

  • dedicated naturist campsites with beaches that are exclusively for their use
  • mixed campsites for naturists and others, in which one part of the site is intended for naturists and the other part for other campers. In these campsites, one part of the beaches will be reserved exclusively for naturists, and the rest for the other campers, separated from the naturist part. In these campsites, the zones for naturists also have their own separate facilities, sanitation, restaurants, shops and more.
  • ‘textile campsite’, again with separate beaches for naturists. In these campsites, all guests are dressed when going around the site, but they can swim and sunbathe nude on the dedicated naturist beaches. The same campsites also have beaches where it is forbidden to go completely without clothes. This type of campsite will be chosen by those who love to swim and sunbathe naked but prefer to be dressed for the rest of the day.

Regardless of what you choose, the high standards of planning and the great range of activities available in Croatian naturist campsites means that the perfect tailor-made choice for you is out there, waiting for you, ready to offer you an unforgettable stay on the Adriatic.

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