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New Ilok accommodation with a view of vineyards

Ilocki podrumi As of spring this year, visitors who choose to visit the Croatian town of Ilok  and its surrounding area, enjoy the many vineyards and taste excellent wine, will be able to use five 4-star apartments and a presidential apartment in Principovac near Ilok.

After completion of this phase, Ilo?ki podrumi will continue with the second stage of the investment that will result in 20 apartments, tennis courts and other sporting facilities.

The total value of the investment is 40 million HRK and the investor is Ilo?ki podrumi, a company known for winegrowing and winemaking, which has now extended its activities to the hotel industry. Ilo?ki podrumi also offers vsitors various cycle lanes running through the winegrowing region.

In 2008, Ilo?ki podrumi processed 7 million kilos of grapes and produced four million liters of wine from 300 hectares of their own vineyards and 400 more hectares of vineyards held by their subcontractors.

Last year, they launched a new quality brand of Cabernet Sauvignon and announced the launching of their first sparkling wine, obtained from the Frakovka variety and produced in the autumn of 2007.

Ilo?ki podrumi is well known for its production tradition, which is confirmed by the Old Cellar built in the 15th century. This is a unique facility for traditional production, care and storage of wine in barrels receiving a total of one million liters.

The Old Cellar was built on three levels to adjust the temperature for keeping and maturing of young wines, older wines, care for predicate wines and storage of archive wines. It is visited by over 20 thousand visitors who, in addition to sightseeing,  have a pleasant experience of tasting the wine and enjoying the local food.

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