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New Investments in Wine Roads of Slavonija and Baranja

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The Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board have recently announced comprehensive works for the further development of its wine regions.

The intention is to make further investments to existing four wine roads that run along the four Slavonija and Baranja’s winegrowing hills – the area around Ðakovo, Našice, Erdut and the Baranja area that stretches to the north of the city of Osijek.

According to the announced plans, for all four wine roads designated starting points will be created from which visitors could head out in the discovery of the wine:

  • For the Baranja region, the starting point will be the Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy in Bilje where a small hunting museum is to be set up, continuing with a visit to the Kopacki rit Nature Park and a trip on the existing wine road near the settlements of Suza and Zmajevac.
  • The well-known Shrine in Aljmaš will be the starting point for a tour of the Erdut winegrowing hills, stopping over at the various private cellars and finishing at the IPK Erdut vineyards.
  • The cathedral in Ðakovo will be the starting point for visitors heading out on a tour of the Ðakovo area wine roads, and whose route will finish at the Lipizzaner stud farm.
  • The Bizovac Thermal Spa in Donji Miholjec will be the starting point for a tour of the vineyards of the Našice area.

All of the new planned tours will also include visits to a variety of cultural monuments, sightseeing in the surrounding settlements, visits to local museums and galleries as well as walks to Baranja vantage points.

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