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New Marina at Ugljan Island in Zadar Archipelago


A new nautical marina was opened in the Zadar archipelago on the island of Ugljan which is the largest marina in the archipelago with places for about 225 vessels.

Marina Maslina (Olive Island Marine) is situated in the settlement of Sutomišcica on the island of Ugljan, 20 minutes by ferry from the city of Zadar.

The marina itself is situated in the peaceful bay between Sutomišcica and Mali Lukoran, with its strategic position ideal for the safe accommodation of boats.

There are a series of service facilities for sailors, nautical equipment shops, wash areas, a self service store, a travel left service for boat repairs and the like on the mainland part
of the marina.

There are also 25 dry dock berths in this part of the marina.

The area on sea includes four large piers that can accommodate 225 boats, while the outer side of the breakwater, over 260 metres in length, can berth a large cruiser with a draught of up to seven metres.

During the construction of this marina the investors paid special attention to its functionality given that the entire Zadar archipelago has become an exceptionally
popular sailing destination, and the great need had been demonstrated for precisely this kind of marina. Besides this, great care was taken in arranging the complete interior of
the marina so that users could enjoy in the “Zadar mood” and the latest technology that has, in this case, been successfully built into this traditional Dalmatian ambience.

The island of Ugljan can boast of a mild Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in the period from May to October is 22 degrees Celsius, 2,500 hours of sunshine a year have been recorded, and the gentle maestral that blows on the island during the summer
is a real refresher.

Besides that, the island faithfully preserves the local heritage, another one of the reasons that this marina will surely attract a great number of visitors.
Marina Maslina’s web site: http://www.oliveislandmarina.com/

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