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New Museum of Archaeology opened in Vid near Metkovic

narona vid metkovic

The newly built Museum of Archaeology “Narona” in Vid near Metkovic, Croatia located at the large archaeological site of antique statues of the Sanctuary Augusteum has been opened last weekend.

The site of the museum was home of Augusteum, the temple of Emperor Augustus from 1st century AD,  where archaeologists found 16 statutes of Emperor Augustus, members of his family, and other Roman high officials and deities.

The remnants of the city of antiquity Narona have been found in the area surrounding the village of Vid, 3 kilometres from Metkovic. Narona was a Roman colony and emporium and its massive wealth based on trade. These are the most precious remains of historical heritage in this area. Archaeological digs from 1995 and 1996 provided epochal results, with the discovery of Augusteum, the temple consecrated to the divinized Augustus (16 monumental figures), making this site one of the most significant archaeological sites outside of Rome.

Over the past decade, a permanent archaeological collection has been set up, archaeological research on the early Christian basilica at the site of the Chapel of St. Vid has been conducted, archaeological research and conservation of the early Christian basilica and the ruins of Roman villa rustica (country homes) at Bare conducted, research on the city walls of Gornji grad (the upper town) completed, and research on the city walls of Donji grad (the lower town) started, including research on the settlement which preceded the Roman Narona, with ruins found under the level of the forum. (Source:  http://www.visitdubrovnik.hr/attractions/index.php?menu=58&id=59)

More about archaeological and architectural aspects of Narona is here http://www.vid.hr/prijevodi/narona-engleski.htm + Narona Photo Gallery : http://www.visitdubrovnik.hr/attractions/index.php?menu=582&id=59

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  • BojSi on November 8th, 2010 10:08 pm

    It’s not ViR- it’s ViD! Vir is a small island also in Croatia.. 🙂

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