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New plans for the Zagreb Public Transport System

Tram/RailAs a part of the larger project of easing Zagreb’s increasing traffic jams, the Zagreb Faculty of Traffic and Transport (Fakultet Prometnih Znanosti) have revealed new plans for the construction of the Zagreb underground and over-ground railway system.

The new Zagreb transport system – the “Podzemno-nadzemni tra?ni?ki sustav – aka “PNT” means the “Underground-Overground Railway System”

Under the plan, the existing Zagreb Tram Network will be connected to the new railway network thorough a series of tunnels, some of them – like ones in the centre of the city – up to 18 m deep.

The trains, with a top capacity of 24000 passengers per hour, will operate from North to South as well as from East to West, achieving speeds of up to 35 km per hour.

The total length of the new railways system will be some 23 kilometres. Construction is expected to last 4 years.
The cost is expected to be close to 1billion euro.

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  • Florence Zhang on December 7th, 2019 5:27 am

    Dear Sirs,

    Kindly advise if there is any train or bus from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo , or please advise the website of the public transportation of Croatia.

  • TravelShoes on December 12th, 2019 12:25 pm

    Hi Florence, for travelin by bus and other transport mode from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo pls check his article:

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