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New project for Varaždinske Toplice – the oldest thermal spa in Croatia

 Varaždinske Toplice in near vicinity of  Varaždin, the hospital for medical rehabilitation, is to become one of the leading centres of  health tourism in the southeast Europe region with the reconstruction of the existing capacities and the construction of new hotel and medical facilities.

The value of the project is estimated at around 200 million euros and with its realization, the accommodation capacity should go up from the current 1000 to around 1600 beds.

The project predicts the reconstruction of existing accommodation units and the construction of a new medical hotel Jupiter, connected to the existing hotel complex Minerva, which would also be reconstructed, as well as the building of a new specialized hospital wing Junon.

After the reconstruction, the hotel Minerva would get a fourth star, and its pool facilities would be made over into a contemporary spa centre, which would be connected to the future hotel Jupiter. This hotel should be built across
an area of 33000 square metres and would hold 480 beds. A large number of rooms will contain a sauna and medicinal thermal water will be available in the bathrooms.

Varaždinske Toplice holds many advantages over other thermal centres in the surrounding areas – it is the unique thermal water with a rich source, over 300 years of medical tradition, a reputation as a leading specialized hospital for medical rehabilitation in Croatia with top experts, a central location, natural beauty and local organic food.

The town of Varaždinske Toplice is located in Hrvatsko Zagorje, about 45 min drive from Zagreb and a 10 min drive from Varaždin.

More info about Varaždinske Toplice at Tourist Board site  www.toplice-vz.hr + about Spa, Health and Wellness Tourism in Croatia

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