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New telescope at the Zagreb Astronomic Observatory

zagreb  new telescopeSpace buffs in Zagreb these days can now enjoy an even better view of the vastness of space from the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory’s modern new telescope.

The installation of a large apochromatic telescope, worth about 37 thousand euro, lasted almost five months so that the news that the telescope in now functional will likely delight many space lovers and other citizens and visitors to the city of Zagreb who will now have an opportunity to even more enjoy a view of the expanses of space.

The entire structure of the old telescope has been replaced with a new column installed in its place mounting three telescopes that together form the necessary integral parts of a modern telescope.

The main apochromatic telescope is used for visual observation of objects in space and the Sun in white light and for intermittent photographing.

The old Zeiss 130/1950 mm telescope has been mounted in parallel and will, after the acquisition of the needed equipment, be use to photograph the sun in the H-alpha line. The third telescope, a Coronado PST H-alpha 40/400 mm, is installed next to the main telescope and is used for visual observation of the sun in the H-alpha line.

Along with the cited equipment the observatory has also acquired a TeleVue Nagler type 5 eyepiece with a focal depth of 26 mm, a Nagler type 6 with a focal depth of 13 mm and a Radian with a focal depth of 6 mm. Also here is a 2 inch Herchel Solar prism for direct visual observation of the sun in white light and a 2 inch Baader UHC-S.

Besides the new telescope the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory, dating from the year 1903, is as of this autumn also richer for a new cosmic radiation detector that came as a gift from Armenia.

And that’s not all – with the aim of better informing the general public, students, professors and other astronomy buffs, the people at the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory have restructured and revamped their Internet site(www.zvjezdarnica.hr).

Starting with a much better layout on the pages new content has been added on the history of the Observatory (history, popularisation, education, science, publishing and more), a photo gallery, weather forecasts and surveys.

The new site should present visitors a better overview of the popularization and education work of the Observatory and one of the important novelties is the publication of an Observatory newsletter with the help of which all those interested will have an opportunity, via their e-mail, to follow all of the important ongoing data and news on events at the Observatory (lectures, courses, observation and more).

More info about Zagreb,  Astronomic Observatory in Zagreb and Zagreb Tourist Board: http://www.zagreb-touristinfo.hr/

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