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New Train line from Hungary via Zagreb to Rijeka


The works on the new train line from Botovo in Hungary to Croatia, via Zagreb , Karlovac and Rijeka are due to start in the autumn of this year. The completion of the new train line is expected within next 4 years. Once finished, the new train line will replace the old, slow one that was built in 1873. It will be much faster track that will enable trains to run up to 200 km / hour. When this is achieved, passengers will reach Rijeka by train from Zagreb within 1 hour. This is much faster in comparison with current timetable of 3hrs and 45 minutes.

At the above map, the red line shows the old train line, while light blue line, linking Karlovac and Rijeka is the new part that is due to be built.

One Response to “New Train line from Hungary via Zagreb to Rijeka”

  • Gloria on July 5th, 2008 10:58 pm

    Please advise whether the train is in service from Zagreb to Rijeka.

    Thanks so much!

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