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New Walking Trails on Plitvice Lakes


The Croatian National Park Plitvice Lakes, which has been included  on the UNESCO list of  World Heritage since 1979, is  widely known for its sixteen cascading lakes and waterfalls.  Recently, visitors can get to know the beauty and richness of the Plitvice forests as well.

With the aim of bringing the forest eco system closer to visotrs and promoting the natural values of the park, two educational recreation trails have been opened : the 9 km long ‘Plitvica’ and the 21 km long ‘Corkova Uvala’.

The paths are marked with hiking sign posts and arrows that have to be followed by the rules of the Park.

With the help of local guides and information billboards that have been put up along the two paths, visitors are offered the possibility of getting to know the richness of the biological diversity of the National Park..

More info about this new walking trails is on this link. If you plan to visit Plitvice National Park, check Map of Plitvice Lakes, Hotels around Plitvice as well as privatly owned rooms and apartments in Plitvice Lakes area.

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