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Night Life and Entertainment in Zagreb

suncani-sat-tkalcicevaEntertainment in Zagreb is available in numerous discotheques, night bars, casinos, etc. Zagreb currently has five large discotheques, around fifteen clubs, 12 pubs, a dozen beer houses, the same number of lounge bars, nightclubs and cocktail bars, several jazz clubs and many cafés and restaurants offering, among other things, good nighttime fun. Those who like to try their luck can have fun in one of the fifteen casinos. Popular nightlife street is Tkalciceva Street in Zagreb’s centre.

The strict city centre is the liveliest and another fun place to go is the “Zagreb Sea” – Lake Jarun – where the nighttime atmosphere is comparable to that in the most popular destinations thanks to its numerous clubs and cafés. While everything takes place indoors in wintertime, summer is the time when Zagreb shows its Mediterranean spirit and ambience. The city’s special charm is without a doubt in its coffee houses and their contemporary version, the cafés. Chatting over a drink at a coffee house has a really long tradition in Zagreb. Guests who prefer music will relax in one of the numerous discotheques or clubs, some of which are very popular and offer extensive programs, in jazz or swing clubs or with candlelight to the rhythm of a waltz, tango, rumba or samba in one of the restaurants…

When the city turns on its lights and its daily hustle and bustle goes quiet, the luxurious world of Zagreb’s stages awakens. Famous masters of word, sound or motion will attract many enthusiasts with classical or modern works. Each theatre has its own repertoire and they all together reveal the wealth of Zagreb’s theatrical life. Comedies or dramas, operas or musicals, classical or modern ballet, contemporary scene or the playful world of dolls… the choice is wide.


Zagreb is rich in various events all year round. The theatre and concert season goes on throughout the year and the city has numerous theatre and concert stages and halls. In the summer months, the residents and visitors to the city like to go to the Uptown. They listen to concerts within the Evenings on Gric cycle in the atrium of the Museum Premises on Jezuitski Square, the Church of St. Catherine and the Church of St. Mark or visit the Zagreb Cathedral for concerts under the name of The Organs of the Zagreb Cathedral. In the winter months, the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall provides an attractive program. Two ensembles are inevitable when it comes to traditional music: the Zagreb Philharmonic, an internationally reputable orchestra, and the Zagreb Quartet of the same creative level.

In the summertime, as well as in other seasons, the streets of Zagreb are the venue for events and performances making it livelier and more interesting. The city also hosts several music and film festivals. “Autumn in Zagreb” combines several international multicultural encounters – World Theater Festival, Zagreb Film Festival, Queer Zagreb, New Circus Festival, as well as some major exhibition projects.


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