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Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival

The cultural-tourist project Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival, based on the legacy of tales and stories, was presented at the end of last year at the Berlin fairy tale festival, the biggest festival of the kind in the world.

The cooperation of Ogulin and Berlin on fairy tale projects continues at mutual satisfaction, but mostly at the satisfaction of all those enjoying the world of fairy tales.

The main theme of Berlin fairy tale days was storytelling and imagined interpretations of fairy tales, but also the modern stories for children and adults performed by educate storytellers or famous writers.

Ogulin fairy tale festival, which was held for the third time in 2008 and which hosted the Berlin festival, was positively welcomed at the presentation in the German Centre for fairy tale culture. On that occasion, further cooperation between the two festivals on common projects was agreed upon, it was found out at the “Muze” studio for cultural management from Zagreb.

Ogulin fairy tale festival is a unique international project which, through celebration of fairy tales and creativity, makes and shows art and cultural production for kids, youth and adults.

It was inspired by the creativity of the famous Croatian children writer Ivana Brli?-Mažurani? (1874-
1938) who was born in Ogulin.  Its goal is to promote art and cultural production meant for all the generations and the scenes are named after the characters from the tales of Ivana Brli?-Mažurani? – scenes, Rego?, Kosjenka, Potjeh, Stribor, etc.

In 2008, this manifestation takes place from June 1 to June 14, and on June 10, the pre-festival shows for kids and everyone else who enjoys the imaginative world of fairy tales are on.

It is interesting to mention that in 2010 in Ogulin there should be a multimedia centre “Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales,” whose goal will be multimedia informative programmes meant for affirmation of fairy tales and the writer Ivana Brli?-Mažurani? (www.ogfb.hr).

With that centre, Ogulin will become a unique destination of cultural tourism in Croatia and the wider European region and it will improve the quality of the offer throughout the year.

Developmental project of cultural tourism “Ogulin – a place of fairy tales” was presented at the conference Creative Clusters in Glasgow. The main themes of last year’s conference, held from November 17-27 in Edinburgh and Glasgow, were creative economies in small countries, new technology and film, festival cultural policies and strategic guidance in the area of creative economy.

Development cultural-tourist project “Ogulin – a place of fairy tales,” based on the legacy of fairy tales and stories, was presented together with two successful projects from Scotland and Norway with the theme of storytelling, and numerous colleagues and the audience judged it as innovative and inspiring.

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