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Opatija, named after the Benedictine abbey of Sveti Ivan, is located in the Gulf of Kvarner, right under Mount Ucka – one of the nature parks of Croatia. It is located 13 km southwest of Rijeka, where the nearest airport Rijeka Airport is about 40 km away.

The town is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia and it has a very long tradition as a tourist destination – all the way to 19th century, when completion of the railway Vienna – Trieste in 1857 and the branch railroad from Pivka – Sveti Petar to Rijeka in 1873 introduced easy access from wealthy Vienna to Opatija.

First hotel ever on the Adriatic (Hotel Kvarner) was built in 1884 and soon after, 12 km long promenade Lungomare was built along the coast of Volosko, Opatija and Lovran as well as walking path to Ucka via Veprinac, both attracting and making it a cool place to visit.

The climate and the specific historical and geographic features favoured Opatija’s fast tourist development.

Opatija soon becomes one of the most fashionable tourist resort in Europe, and at the time it was visited by the then most prominent personalities: Princess Luise von Sachsen Coburg, the Romanian king Charles I, the Swedish-Norwegian King Oscar and celebrities like Isidora Dunkan and her lovers…

Nowadays, the town has more than 20 well-established hotels, numerous catering establishments, sports and recreational facilities. Opatija has a tradition of various entertainment carnival, yachting regatta, music events etc. Stunning architecture, grand villas surrounded by palm trees and old hotels lining along beautiful Lungomare promenade, makes Opatija as exclusive and mundane as it used to be a century ago. It has that feeling of Centra European atmosphere.

Located on the steep hill ensures most of the houses has views of Kvarner and it’s islands Krk and Cres. A good place to have a drink is Hemingway bar: http://hemingway.hr/ – Opatija’s upmarket bar that serves Opatija’s best cocktails. Check Opatija Hotels page


Magic photo of Hotel Palace – Bellevue in Opatija at dusk – long exposure achieved this colourful and romantic moment in front of popular Opatija hotel, located in the centre of Opatija, at the central beach. One of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in the town. It has about 200 rooms, all decorated in romantic and exclusive style. Lovely place to stay, with an indoor swimming pool and heated sea water.

Getting to Opatija :

Opatija’s nearest larger place is Rijeka. From Rijeka’s town centre one can take bus no 32.  It runs 3 times an hour and journey of 14 kilometres takes about 25 minutes. This is a pleasant journey along Kvarner coast. Also, one can reach Opatija from Pula too, from where there are regular bus services that run to Rijeka stop also here.

Read more about Opatija at Opatija Official Tourist Board Website: www.opatija-tourism.hr and www.kvarner.hr