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Pag cheese bears the International Superior Taste mark

Page Cheese Paski SirThe famous Pag cheese produced in the cheese plant Sirena – Mala sirana in Kolan at Island Pag owned by Ivan Gligora, has recently been awarded two golden stars and the right to label this cheese with the Superior Taste mark at the international Superior Taste event in Brussels.

This is the greatest award so far for this cheese that has thus been included in the circle of seventy top food products in the world.

Pag cheese (Paski sir) is a hard type cheese made from the milk of the autochthon sheep from island of Pag. Pag cheese matures for 6-12 months. It has characteristic piquant taste, particular smell and mildly marble and grained texture. It is yellow inside and has golden yellow rind. It crumbles and melts in the mouth. When grated, Pag cheese is used as an addition to many traditional fish and meat specialties. Pag cheese is in the form of a reel and weighs about two kilos.

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