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papuk1PAPUK is a mountain in Slavonia, the north eastern region of Croatia. Mountain Papuk is located ( see map on the left ) on the very edge of Pozeska Dolina (Pozega Valley), the flat and fertile valley and is the only mountain in the area. The highest peak is Papuk with highs just under 1000 meters. Papuk is popular walkers and hikers destination from mid 19th century, when local nobleman had a vision and started to create park of nature at Papuk around Jankovac Lake. Ever since then, walkers and hikers from all over Slavonia were visiting Papuk, enjoying it’s spring waters and revitalizing forest, mainly oak and beach, vegetation. Papuk has a several water springs – Cadavica, Karasica and Pakra – that add to attractiveness of the area as well as to freshness in the warm summer months. Another tradition on Papuk is wine growing, so southern slopes of Papuk are full of tidy vineyards that are maintain by local wine growers.

There are several mountain lodges and visitors facilities on Papuk : the mountain lodge Lapjak (335 m) 3 km from Velika, the thermal spa Toplice (296 m) in the near vicinity of Velika, the mountain hut Trisnjica located 7 km from the Lapjak lodge. Also, facilities of the mountain rescue team on Nevolja (725 m), the ski-lift above Jezerce and mountain lodge Jankovac (475 m) on the northern side of Papuk.

map-papukUsual accesses to Papuk is via Lapjak lodge, Duboka, Jezerce and Nevolja (takes about 2 hrs) as well as Lapjak lodge, Maliscak to Papuk (takes about 4 hrs).

Access by road is from Lapjak lodge – Velicanka spring – Jankovac (16 km); or to Velika Papuk peak (17 km).

The asphalted road from Velika to Jankovac runs through the highest part of Papuk – Nevolja Prelaz with heights of around 700 m. Nearest cities to Papuk are Osijek and Zagreb.

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