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Pasman Island, Zadar Archipelago Pašman Island (pronounced Pash-man) is another island in lovely Zadar Archipelago, separated from the mainland by the Pasman channel, located south of Zadar towards Biograd Na Moru.

The island has just over 2000 permanent residents and covers the area of about 60 square kilometres.

On the whole island, there are about dozen villages and hamlets including Tkon, Ugrinic, Kraj, Pašman, Barotul, Mrljane, Nevidane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Ždrelac.

The island was originally inhabited since the Roman times, however, similar to other neighbouring islands in the Archipelago, Pasman was historically owned by Zadar’s noble landowners.

Pasman sights

As far as Pasman sights are concerned, there is a well known 14th century Franciscan Monastery of St. Dujam on the island in the village of Kraj where you can see a beautiful Renaissance cloister and visit a small museum that treasures artefacts and paintings from island’s history.

There is also a 12th century Benedictine Monastery of St. Kuzma and Damjan on Cokovac hill near Tkon village which is also interesting to see if you are visiting Pasman as it has a Gothic church that houses Gothic crucifixion painted at the time by a local painter. This particular monastery is well known in Croatian history as one of the centres of Glagolitic literature.

Due to its beautiful nature and attractive landscapes as well as the frequent ferry connections and handy bridge to the mainland, Pasman is a popular summer destination for foreign as well as local visitors.  The island is also a great place to visit in spring or autumn for cycling or walking trips as there is plenty of cycling and walking routes on the island.

An interesting fact about Pasman is that due to the sea current constantly changing (every six hours) its waters are considered to be among the cleanest waters in Adriatic.

Getting to Pasman Island:

Pasman is connected to the mainland by a small bridge over Zdrelac strait where about eight buses daily run from Preko on the mainland to Pasman. There is also a frequent Biograd to Tkon (Pasman) ferry line which serves 10 ferries daily > check all ferry schedules for Pasman Island Ferries.

Accommodation on Pasman:

Local residents of Pasman traditionally offer accommodation in private rooms and apartments in their houses- have a look below:

  • Apartments Ivana
    Apartments Ivana are located on Pasman Island in the Adriatic Sea. Sandy beaches can be visited next to Mrljane just 300 metres away. Restaurants, markets, cafes and bars can be reached on foot in 5 minutes. Prices from €25.00 – Number of rooms: 3 – Check Apartments Ivana, Pašman availability
  • Vila Rosa
    Situated only 150 metres from the sea in Tkon on Pasman Island next to a pine forest, Vila Rosa offers well-equipped, air-conditioned apartments with balconies overlooking the sea. Prices from €42.00 – Number of rooms: 5 – Check Vila Rosa, Pasman, Tkon availability

There is also a camping site on the islandCamping Arboretum – a lovely family run campsite located in the village of Barotul – a small fisherman’s village surrounded by olive trees with its own bay and sandy beach (see more about camping on Pasman)

More info:

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