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Pazin is a small town in central Istria. The old part of the town, called Kastel, lies on a hill about 130 meters above the abyss called Jama or Fojba in Italian. In the abyss below the castle, Pazincica river flows. Kastel – Medieval Castle is built on a cliff over the Jama abyss and is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Istria. It has always attracted many artists, due to it’s unique location. One of them was Jules Verne, another one, croatian writer Vladimir Nazor .

Nowadays, Kastel is place where Istrian Ethnographic Museum is located. It was established in 1955 and since then, it houses Istrian ethnographic collection as well as old bells from various Istrian churches. Other important historical sites in Pazin include a building in which Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor used to live and the Memorial Home “Unification and Freedom” , which commemorates political session held in Pazin on in 1943 which resulted in the decision to unite Istria with the mother country Croatia.

The abyss Jama in Pazin is truly unique natural monument, a specific hydrographic and morphologic phenomenon of the Istrian landscape. The perpendicular fall of the abyss exceeds 100 meters. The abyss never runs dry, not even during severe droughts. The part of the abyss explored so far, in a horizontal length of 215 meters, ends with three siphon-shaped lakes: Malo, Mitrovo and Veliko. During heavy rains the water gathers in the canyon upstream of the abyss to such an extent that it sometimes forms a lake attaining a length of almost 3 km. This Jama location is very popular destination for climbers too.

From the end of 16th century, Pazin is traditionally organizing a farm products and livestock local fare which is held every first Tuesday in the month.

Pazin is located on the railroad Divaca – Pula

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