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Permanent Exhibition History of Tourism in Dubrovnik

Permanent Exhibition History of Tourism in DubrovnikThe Dubrovnik Tourist Board has recently approved the proposal for permanent exhibition of the History of Tourism in Dubrovnik.

The permanent exhibition of Dubrovnik’s tourism history will have on display old photos, postcards and souvenirs of Dubrovnik as well as variety of documentary photographs of famous people visiting Dubrovnik at the start of last century, vintage Dubrovnik tourism and hotel brochures and other promotional material and artefacts used in Dubrovnik hotels in the last century.

The exhibition venues will be the foyer of cinema ‘Sloboda’ – near Onofrijeva Fountain and at Gradska Kafana – a popular Dubrovnik’s cafe. Both venues are located in the very centre of the Dubrovnik Old Town – at the Stradun promenade.

Shame that we couldn’t find the exact date of the opening of this exhibition 🙁 so, in the meantime, while we work out the dates, have a look at our ‘permanent’ on-line exhibition of history of tourism in Dubrovnik and further: 

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