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Photo monograph of Karlovac County published


The first monograph of Karlovac County was presented in Karlovac.  The photo monograph was created over the past 18 months, and printed in 1000 copies. An English langage edition is also being prepared.

Numerous people worked on this demanding project, dedicating the monograph to the citizens of the Karlovac region, passing travelers, tourists and natural beauty enthusiasts.

Karlovac photographers captured all the beauties of the Karlovac region, combining the differences between the specific natural features of Alpine, Panonian and karstic areas.

The local rivers of Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra, the woody hills of Velika Kapela and Mala Kapela, the greenery of Kordun karst, the transit position and the rich cultural heritage are lasting values, providing the citizens of Karlovac County with a base for the economy and quality of living. These beauties also attract people from other regions because the geographic position of Karlovac County makes it ideal for year-round tourism, and provides recreation and active holiday options for all ages.

The four Karlovac rivers offer walks along the rivers, rafting, canoeing, fishing, bike riding on developed trails, swimming ..  In addition to hikers, recreationists and berry pickers, Karlovac forests offer hunting activity.

The Croatian Olympic Center Bjelolasica is located in Karlovac County on about 30 kilometers from Ogulin, and about 50 kilometers from the Adriatic sea. This is a popular winter resort and preparation venue for various sports clubs in wintertime, and an excursion, mountaineering and alpinism destination throughout the year.

More at Karlovac County Tourist Board : www.tzkz.hr

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