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Porec is well known tourist centre of Istria. Peninsula on which Porec is located represents the natural border of the town in which remains of the Roman architecture can be found. The old part of the town is built on a small peninsula separated from the mainland by canal, and protected from the open sea by the island of Sveti Nikola, with popular beaches.The tourist resorts of Plava laguna and Zelena laguna are located at the south of the town. Porec is situated at the main road connecting Porec with Pazin and Pula, and of the regional road running along the western coast of Istria.

Porec has long tourist tradition dating back from 1845 when first tourist guide book of Porec was printed. The first public beach in Porec was created in 1895 on the islet of Sveti Nikola and in 1910, together with the construction of the first large hotel – Hotel Rivijera, the Rivijera beach was created on the southern part of the town. In 1970s Porec became one of the most prestigious Croatian tourist resorts. Since then, many cultural events are organized in Porec throughout the year: classical music concerts, jazz evenings, folk evenings etc.. Read more about History of Tourism and Travel in Croatia…

Nowadays, Porec is popular among young people too. It has a good nightlife, with various discoteques , bars and dance clubs, some located on terraces, some within well air conditioned interiors.

Porec’s nearest airport is Pula Airport, although one can use Trieste airport too as there is a good transport service between these two places. To reach Porec one can use various bus services that runs to Porec from various points in Istria as well as from Zagreb, Croatian capital. Within Porec town, there is a nice little train service that connects main beaches and tourist points within a town with tourist complexes of Plava and Zelena Laguna. Porec can also be reached by ferry from Venice.

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UNESCO heritage in Porec


The most important cultural monument in Porec is Euphrasian Basilica, including 6th century complex of sacral buildings erected during the time of Bishop Euphrasius. It is located in the northeast part of the town. The Basilica, built on the foundations of a much earlier church, is dominated by a triple-nave apse, a narthex, the atrium, an octagonal baptistery, and the bishop’s palace. The edifice was added to in the 13th and 15th centuries, and a bell-tower was erected in the 16th century.

The apse is ornately decorated with figural mosaics, which, together with the mosaics in San Vitale in Ravenna,comprise one of the most remarkable examples of mosaic art in Europe. From the floor mosaics and from preserved inscriptions we are able to follow all the phases of building, adaptations and renovations and all dynamics of the life of the Christian community in Porec. Euphrasius’ Basilica from mid 6th century, consisting of the church, atrium, baptistery and the former palace of the diocese. Being richly decorated and well preserved, the whole complex represents one of the most important monuments of the Byzantine art. The bishop of Porec, Euphrasius built this three-nave basilica built on foundations of previous sacral monument / church.
A quadrangular atrium with Byzantine capitals of the columns stands in front of the church entrance. The atrium is ringed by a covered portico on all the four sides, which houses a collection of stone monuments.

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