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Press Articles about Travel to Croatia – 2004

26.12.04Wim Wenders – On Adriatic Coast – I am doing some research for my disertation of my final year of art school and just found this amazing photo by famous photographer and film maker Wim Wenders ( Paris Texas, Buena Vista Social Club … ) This is a Wenders’s photo taken on Adriatic coast off season. The image is part of his Haiku Photos and he says about it : “On The Adriatic Coast : It was off-season.The Seventh Seal was playing all alone.” Wim Wenders Web ( webmaster)

24.12.04 – THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW Croatia AIRLINE COMPANY “DUBROVNIK AIRLINES”– Atlanska plovidba, a Dubrovnik shipping company, and Zracna luka Dubrovnik established an airline company DUBROVNIK AIRLINES, which will handle charter air transport. As a start, the newly founded company will have two aircraft, each with 164 seats. In its five-year plan, the company intends to purchase seven more aircraft and to employ about seventy new employees. The start of business is expected in a few months – before the start of the tourist season in 2005. We wish them a successful start.

23.12.04 – Croatia Extends Deadline for Hotel Firm Management Bids – Croatia extended by a month the deadline for firms to bid on a public-private deal to turn around the indebted Suncani Hvar tourism company. The Croatian Privatisation Fund seeks a firm willing to enter a public-private partnership (PPP) to manage the company, which owns 10 hotels. The fund also wants help in luring new investments in the resort operator. >>> read more ….

21/12/04 – Croatia to protect pristine Adriatic coast : Croatia is to undertake an 80-million-euro (106-million-dollar) project to fight water pollution and protect the Adriatic coast, the country’s main tourism asset, which is regularly described as pristine both by tourists and locals. The project, announced Friday and financed by The World Bank, is aimed at improving water quality, while protecting the ecology, public health and the development potential of the tourism sector, which is seen as vital to Croatia’s economic growth in the medium term. >>> read more..

13.12.04HINA – easyJet in talks with Croatian airport, plans flights to UK and Germany – Budget airline easyJet PLC is in talks with Pula airport in the north-west of Croatia to set up daily flights from Croatia to Germany and the UK, airport director Bruno Rogovic said. Rogovic said the agreement could be signed by the end of the week and would introduce daily flights to the UK and Germany from Pula. Pula airport last year held similar talks with Ryanair Holdings PLC, which were abandoned.

10.12.04SAS Adding Croatia Route in 2005 – Scandinavian Airlines System said Thursday it will start once-a-week direct flights from the Swedish capital to Malta and Croatia next year. The airline will offer direct service between Stockholm and Split, Croatia, and Croatia, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. read more…

05.12.04Algae Threatens Croatian Adriatic – Stari Grad bay on the island of Hvar is one of the most charming resorts in Croatia. But beneath the quiet surface of the southern Adriatic an aggressive tropical algae is threatening the sea’s eco-system. The algae has grown from an initial patch of about 1,000 square feet to an area of about 120 acres. Stari Grad is one of about a dozen places in the Croatian Adriatic where two types of algae have in the last 10 years grown into dense colonies that choke life on the sea bed. Croatia, which relies heavily on tourism along its Adriatic coast, fears the disrupted balance of the sea’s eco-system could hurt its appeal for holiday makers, particularly divers in search of genuine natural biodiversity. read more …

19.11.04 – Croatia May Offer Holidays Behind Bars – Croatia may reopen its Goli Otok – most notorious communist-era prison for tourists willing to part with their money to re-enact the life of a political prisoner – including hard labor, stale food and nights in solitary confinement. The plan has the support of some local officials and even former inmates, who have offered to work as tour guides, though the city council has yet to make a final decision….Goli Otok – which means Naked Island – was a miniature gulag set up by Yugoslavia’s communist dictator Josip Broz Tito after World War II. It housed 3,000 inmates at its height but has been derelict since its closure in 1989. read more …

15/11/04 – Hooters Opens 1st Restaurant in Croatia – Atlanta, Nov

Hooters of America, Inc. announced that the 1st location in Croatia will be celebrating its Grand Opening on November 20th, following the VIP party on November 19th. The restaurant is located in the heart of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, at Florijana Andrazece 18, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia…. read more…

Nov 14, 2004 – Stormy winds disrupt traffic in Croatia (AFP) – – Stormy winds disrupted air, road and sea traffic along Croatia’s Adriatic coast on Sunday, causing delays and cancellations, as well as power failures, local media reported. Due to Bura wind, gusting up to 200 kilometers (125 miles) per hour, the airport at Dubrovnik on the southern Adriatic had to cancel flights, airport authorities said. Ferry connections to nearby islands were cancelled and some islands had power cuts. Air traffic at the southern coastal town of Split was disrupted but resumed around midday.

Adrift in the Adriatic – You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a European sailing holiday with friends or family, writes Kendall Hill. It’s 8am and the Adriatic is as still and glassy as a pond. We’re slicing gently through it, passing green-topped islands and terracotta villages under a blue sky streaked by jet streams….This is day four of our sailing odyssey along the Croatian coast from Dubrovnik to Korcula and back, via the picturesque islands of Sipan, Mljet and Kolocep. We stay a night on each, eating seafood barbecues and pizza in 13th-century settings, then return to our yacht to fall asleep to the gentle rhythms of the sea….read more

Croatia Sees Bumper Tourist Year – Croatian Tourism Minister Bozidar Kalmeta said yesterday that the country had received 8.3m tourists in the first nine months of 2004, a 5% year-on-year increase and the most since it declared independence in 1991. The year-end tourist figure is expected to be over 9m. ‘Croatia has stabilised and earned the image of a safe and organised tourist destination,’ Kalmeta told parliament, according to French news agency AFP.

Significance: Although this is a post-2001 record, the increase in tourism is now levelling off slightly. However, it has re-established itself as a significant part of the Croatian economy. The increase in overnight stays was up only 2% year-on-year, suggesting a possible increase in short breaks or visits from neighbouring countries. read more

New Railpass Products and Options in 2005 From Rail Europe Give Greater Flexibility, Expanded Access to East; Eurailpass Prices Hold Steady… New railpasses have been created for 2005 for travel in the following combinations of countries:Austria and Czech Republic – starting at $200 (4 rail travel days in 2 months) Austria, Slovenia, Croatia – starting at $200 (4 rail travel days in 2 months)Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia – starting at $170 (5 rail travel days in 2 months) Italy and Greece – starting at $255 (4 rail travel days in 2 months) Germany and Denmark – starting at $230 (5 rail travel days in 2 months) …. read more

Bunking in a Croatian lighthouse – SVETI IVAN NA PUCINI, Croatia – A picture-perfect lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea stands out like a weathered relic above the cobalt-and-crimson horizon. Built in 1853 as a beacon for 19th-century mariners, this Croatian lighthouse and others like it are now being used as 21st-century retreats. For a couple of days or a week of splendid isolation, tourists can escape the hectic pace of modern life with a Robinson Crusoe adventure in one of 11 lighthouses up for rent. read more

Venice and Dalmatian Coast by National Geographic : ” Home to the Roman Emperor Diocletian and birthplace of Marco Polo, the Dalmatian coast is a treasure trove of history. From Venice, cruise aboard the intimate M.Y. Monet to view Ravenna’s mosaics, then explore the charming Croatian towns of Split, Korcula, Dubrovnik, and Pula, all rebuilding after the breakup of Yugoslavia…” read more

Dubrovnik, the Dalmatian Coast and Croatia are worthy European destinations The Dalmatian Coast claims the cleanest and clearest waters in the whole of the Mediterranean. It is a haven for coastal sailors as well as experienced ocean racers. In Dubrovnik harbor we spotted many “gin palaces,” those multi-decked luxury cruisers that cost millions of dollars and are homes to tycoons, movie stars and seafaring people who enjoy the good life and see their ship as primarily a water-borne limousine. … read more

Opening of the first Hilton in Croatia in 2005 by Hositality.net : ‘” Hilton International will be making its official debut in Croatia in May 2005, with the opening of the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik …Cpt Ante Jerkovic, President of Atlanska Plovidba, declares: “We are pleased that Hilton International, one of the world’s finest hotel brands, has selected Dubrovnik as the site of the first Hilton hotel in Croatia. By fully utilizing Hilton’s vast global sales network, we hope to reach out to a large percentage of all upper scale travellers who will choose Dubrovnik for their business and leisure journeys”…. read more

Canvas makes a pitch for Croatia – by Sotsman.com : ‘ CANVAS Holidays, the Dunfermline-based camping and mobile home tour operator, is to expand into Croatia after seeing profits rise 11% in its first year since a £25m management buyout….. From next year the company is also to move into Croatia. “They have fantastic beaches, the level of service is very good and it is excellent value for money,” said Elles. ‘ … read more

24.08.04 – An island where every house is a hotel room : ” … There are 117 beaches enjoying the warm blue-green waters of the Adriatic, history and heritage galore in the shape of Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, and a fantastic choice of seafood restaurants with over 116 species of edible fish to choose from.

With the weather mainly hot and sunny, visitors tend to take their time to explore. Many agree that being splayed out by day on a sun lounger and then slumbering in the scent of mimosa on an island bathed in moonlight is a dream escape” .. read more

24.08.04 – Croatia’s challenge to the Big Mac : ” Kali, Croatia – Croatia’s Adriatic coast may be hard to beat for natural beauty but tourists often complain it lacks a proper culinary identity, offering little other than expensive fish or cheap grilled meat. The Srdela (Sardine) Snack project hopes to change this. You have to like fish but for those who do, a group of local enthusiasts has put together menus for a simple, healthy meal plus a glass of home-made wine, for just two euros, hoping it will become a trademark of true Croatian food. ” … read more

19.08.04 – GREEN SCHOONER IN CROATIA STRONG RISK OF POLLUTION – ” The green schooner visited the Croatian sea in the high Adriatic. Its report says that the Croatian sea defends itself by itself because men do still nothing; there are still not purified sewers and a sewer system that cannot bear summer tourism without adequate measures. Dusica Radojcic, protectionist, said that the first answer to the growing demand of tourism was to assure a good quality of the sea and of the offer of natural patrimony. Green schooner has come back to Croatia for the third time and for the second year has monitored the quality of the bathing waters in Istria, Medulin and Rovigno. The results say that the situation was unchanged compared to last year. There are clean spots that alternate with areas that are polluted or in the limits. A note by Legambiente (the environment’s league) says that the high Adriatic is a fragile sea because it is a closed sea, menaced by industries, dangerous maritime traffics and buildings on the coasts.”

10.08.04 – Deepest hole in world found in Croatia – by AP – : ZAGREB, Croatia — “Cave explorers discovered a pit inside a mountain range in central Croatia believed to have the world’s deepest subterranean vertical drop, at nearly 1,700 feet, a scientific institute reported Monday. It is located in the Rozanski Hip National Park reserve in the rocky Velebit mountain range in central Croatia.”.. read more

03/08/04Le Méridien moves into Croatia – ” Le Méridien Hotels & Resort has signed a management contract which will see the hotel operator move into Croatia. The company is to take over a luxury 381-bedroom property in Split on the Croatian Adriatic coast. …” read more

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